These Are Those Times When … I Must Give Grace


These Are Those Times When … I Must Give Grace

There are times to initiate. There are times to meditate. And there are times to give Grace for a manifestation before it happens. Yes. That time is now. Now is the time for me to give thanks for all that I am about to manifest. Now is the time for me to give and express grace for the amazing family of exquisite souls I have been blessed with. 

Hearken this petal of story: 

Two persons believed in me Truly, Deeply, Unwaveringly, all along. Two persons alone!

The first one, Froggy Frog - the gentleman by the Straights and the rose shall release the story on the 31st of August 2020.

Moreover, the exquisite Fine Lady. 

Froggy Frog. Giant intelligent eyes and small hands had a very handsome gentleman imaginated as Froggy Frog. Non-blood and non-relative could lift my spirits up. Tell me I was intelligent and that I possessed the skills to make my dreams come true. Remind me every step of my depression that I wasn’t alone and that I could make it through. Pinpoint that I was clever. Admire my being for making the unmade happen: selling niche services of 350 EUR +. 

“You did struggle hard on this one.”

At times, he’d been my adoptive mother with cock. A cocky narcissist could and did take care of me better than my blood family. God willing, it was part of the process - my healing from the bleeding wounds caused by the steep narcissism of the exquisitely beautiful Julieta.

How can you say that, publicly?
How can you speak the truth?
Keep it hidden under the rug. Nobody has to know.

Well, I did say she is exquisitely beautiful. Her shell, the looks are quite fine.

That’s what we all need nowadays: looks and just looks, don’t we? And when the needle stings the bag of shallowness, the void erupts like a balloon.  

Whenever I express my love for my beautiful mother source - Damascus, she… might be jealous, let’s say. 

Survival mode activates our inner mother, according to Karyl Mcbride in "Will I be ever good enough?". As far as I’m concerned - my inner mother, the essence of “I am”, stems from and in Damascus… in the once upon a magical childhood. 

Sweetest Gentleman by The Straights … 
Froggy Frog … 
The Citizen of Humanity At Their Best.
Balanced in his unbalance, he has embodied humanity from the very pore. 
Give them a story and see what they are made of! Especially guys!!!

“Let them think it’s what they think. Let them!”

Keep the faith and God shall send you a shield to protect you

Or a cover, a warm blanket.

And for this, dear Istanbul, we are “dosts” for life, that is frati de cruce or petals of the same rose.

Here in Romania most of the people have had a very misogynistic approach, especially ladies, with regard to my life. A man located in a different country did this and that for me. What about what me - located with my cookie in a different country, what about what I had done?

How had I taken care of my brother(s)? Whilst they had been my abi (elder brother), I’d been the abla ( the sister). Let alone mother is a narcissist, I don’t have brothers. 

I took care and mothered them, at least as much as they had mothered me.

Protected them - at least as much they had protected me.

Created and delivered concepts for their businesses. 

Guarded the specifics of their businesses safe and secret, liaised and integrated local and international ties. 

Loved (heart to heart) and delivered sparks of magic. 

All that - stemmed from the heart. 

How do you quantify that in da money money, dear Bucharest?

Oh, yes I know you can’t believe it’s true.

Because you have never lived this in the comfort of your own “house”, translated as perhaps family or closed ones, or even wife, or husband. Yet - I am positive your soul tribe is somewhere, out there. I will develop on this in August. It’s a date!

As they say: "You don’t always have to tell your side of the story. Time will."

The second character of life I have mentioned is the Fine Lady curating fine people and fine things amidst her chic Fine Society. She said: “I believe in you! 

A petal flourishing in September.

Amazing characters depicted from life itself.

Thank you for your kind understanding. 

I had to have “Gentlemen first” on this one since they stood for the role of the adoptive mother.  I am sure the fine lady won’t mind. There’s been other characters of Life, too, newly and freshly acquired. My tribe. And I pray on every petal of the rosary for every one’s health, joy and happiness. God bless. 

Thank you, dear God, for all the Love and Miracles of my Life: 

# “You were as beautiful as Jasmine in a Damascene spring.” 
# “This is a compliment: You have got a lovely ass!” 

Someone went blushing. I have never thought of it before. 

# “Listening to you is as if I wear listening to Alf Layla wa Layla - the Tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights.”

Has this been one of the inspiring sparks for the Damascene Rose blog?

“Good night, my beautiful queen!” - that surely is an upgrade from brincess.

Compliment more…  we all need more of that. It's what we remember when all is said and done. Put a smile on their face even you are not by their side.


Nobody asked.

Nobody was.

So if there wasn’t, then it wasn’t. That’s it! Nothing is everything. However, nobody is sheer void, drier than the desert.



You have to flow with it.

Or oppose? Flow or oppose? Or maybe it was thrust upon me so that I cling more and more to the essence of me, enrooted in the Universal City. 

In the meanwhile, dear “tribe”, let us heartily give and receive Grace

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