I Miss You, Damascus, I Miss You


I Miss You, Damascus, I Miss You

Last night, walking down the beautiful streets of Bucharest, my thoughts woke me up into realizing that it’s summer. The summer of 2020. It’s night. It's the breeze. That one and only summer breeze.

And I miss you, Damascus, I do. I miss your nights, those unique 1001 Arabian nights.

I miss your desert climate. Hot during the day, cold at night.

Damascus, I miss going to your restaurants. I miss your delicious cuisine.

Mother, you are about to quench my thirst.
I am.

Yes. I’ve been places, I’ve seen. Even more so, I miss you, my darling, I do.

Maybe it’s high time you brought me in?

I Love You, I Do


I miss your delicious ice-cream. I miss your cold drinks.

Most of all,

I miss your fragrance… rising from your pavements, spiced up with flowers and sunny warmth.

I am walking, and walking, and - I miss feeling your Damascene summer breeze fluttering in my hair.

Oh God, I miss you, beautiful, I do.

For what it’s worth, your womb feels cozy.


I miss you, my dearest!

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