Fares = Knight in Arabic

Every Lady has her Fares - the Camelot of her dreams, the Ken on her birthday cake, the man of her soul/ heart/ mind/ eyes/ needs...

When little, she’s got her best friend in crime. 

The one who protects his little princess when the haters are attacking the pearl of his heart.

Later on, when teenager, she has a crush on dumbo - the big-eared guy.

During faculty, there’s this guy landed from another realm. He and she go to the mountains and have beer with the bears.

She graduates from faculty and falls in love. By Divine Decree, she gets married.

The marriage doesn’t turn out what she’d imagined. How could have she? Not even close.

It wasn’t what she has felt in the family.

Not what they had felt when jumping off the cliff, heart in heart, into the sea of LOVE.

With catastrophic damage to the soul, she embarks on the ship of becoming.

Making it through the savage storms. Survival mode means chosing the least nasty and bad option of all the worst options. Survival mode means having no choice but be in the now! Focus on the imminent wave to stay afloat! Avoid the drowning! Again and again, second after second, year after year, until she has made it to the shore.

So many quakes and burning waves had her heart fried at least at 1001 degrees, with the intensity of an earthquake.

It burnt until it burnt no more. 

It felt until it felt no more.

And there was the wall. Hitting the wall, time after time, until that one brick fell off. Hence, allowing for the oxygen to get in.

With the passing of each day, she has become more and more of herself. Crawling, burning, walking and then dancing through the perfume of her being. That's when she opened the wings of her arms. Ever since, she has been flying away. Far away.

She has embraced her true essence, in full, in truth and in feeling.

And now, it is time she'd embraced the waves of MAGIC coming back to her.

She'd given magic and received pus. Instead.

Now - it is GOD. Beware of God's delicious and succulent intervention!

‘Froggy Frog!!!’


‘I have missed you… I am telling you I am going home.’

‘Perfect. It was about time.’

‘Froggy Frog!!!’

‘Yes, my crazy free spirit hybrid.’

‘It’s time to go. It seems I may have the luxury to choose? But I don’t want to. I am praying. It is happening.’

‘I want the one who is good FOR YOU.

That’s what I want.’

Froggy Frog. Sweetest and Dearest, Froggy Frog. 


'I've heard it on the radio, the planes of that airline company are taking off.'

She replied:

'I have no idea into whose garden I am landing, I swear, Julieta.

In whose soul, I am jointly planting the loving seeds of roses.

Or which project I am connecting to.

Having planted many, many seeds, I am waiting for the answer(s). In the meanwhile, I am writing, and walking, and my heart is ... dancing? In the best tempo ever!

All I know, it’s manifesting soon - very soon. The energy feels CLEAR and NEAR.

'I'm coming home
… to the place where I belong
And where your love has always been enough for me
I'm not running from
No, I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So, I'm going home
Well, I'm going home'

Fares, I am coming HOME

In Divine Timing
By Divine Decree
By Divine Choice
Amidst the magical petals of their exquisite soul

'Be careful what you wish for
'Cause you just might get it all
You just might get it all'

Quoted from Daughtry - Home

I love it. Do you like the song?
Let's sing, shall we?

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