What A Bloody Decade: the War- the Famine – the Pandemic!


What A Bloody Decade:

the War (in Syria) -

the Famine (in Yemen & Worldwide) -

the COVID-19 Pandemic (Worldwide)!

The World Has Gone On Fire!
Or Was It The Heart? 
The bleeding heart… How could the heart keep its sanity when the stomach of the children of the world squeaks with hunger? Grumbles within the channels of emptiness envisaging the taste of the Holy Bread. In earnest, are we this non-intelligent as a human race? Aren’t we able to generate enough bread and water for all the children of the world?
Are we this dumb as a race?

I'd say we're not.

Your children are not your children.

They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you,

And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

Khalil Gibran 


I come from a Rose, the loving & enchanting Damascene Rose.

Damascus has made me taste the magic of a fairy-tale childhood.

I am a Damascene Muslim Romanian Christian Citizen of the World.

I am.

And I am human. Yes. I like to think that I am a humane human.

I am 38 years old, as of June 2020.

I adore children. I’ve always had.

Given the bloody war in Syria as of 2011: it dislocated millions of people, I don’t want to enumerate all the pain, the children killing themselves out of hunger, the atrocities, the crimes against humanity...

Given the bloody war of my life - an international divorce during which I was abandoned by everybody. So ill - I was… let’s just say that living with a frozen brain is not what one would desire. Love melts away depression. As a matter of fact, love is a genuine pain killer.

Given... the past bloody decade, YES, I am not a mother - yet! Do I have to be a mother, physically, to adore children?

I’ve earned good money, at the time. And I’ve travelled. Both my brain and my soul were ill and in distress.

Nobody was there but God and at times, Froggy Frog - the Lighthouse sent by my family of souls. A story to be recounted on the 31st of August. At times, other beautiful souls joined in as well.

What the Rose?!? The human race might have lost a very important sense - the sense of the heart.

Dear 2020, dear 3rd Millennium, where are we heading to?

It’s a bloody nasty war out there.

Now, since the COVID-19 panmedic has hit the world, not just the Middle East or Africa, but the entire world from Mexico to Spain, from Romania to Yemen, and from England to the Arabian Peninsula, maybe it’s high time we’ve woken the rose up!

Dearest Mother Source,
I am born and borne in love in a world who doesn’t know the L of Love.

Look around? Have a good look. I don’t know what you are seeing, but I’ll tell you what I am seeing:

According to this evening MTV Lebanese TV channel news bulletin, more than 500.000 children are facing starvation and shortage of water in Lebanon. People were showing their houses in distress: electricity has been out for so long that the country is basking in pitch darkness. Subsequently, the fridge is out of order and empty. There is a big icon in the back of the fridge. Hope dies last. May the Divine Light fill the stomach of hungry people.

This evening, my eyes have seen people showing their empty fridges. It wasn't an Impressionist Exhibition, my friends, but empty fridges. I could see and hear the whirling windstorm. It wasn't a mirage. It's the nasty ugly face of our present-day reality. People around the globe are facing hunger.

My eyes have seen hungry people this evening.

The Syrian people have been fighting the waves of famine, torture and collapse caused by the dark black war ever since 2011. The 'other day', my cousin told me early morning Damascenes had found a child dead, close to Souq Al Hamidiye. He'd commited suicide out of hunger. Yes, in the Damascus of today. The same Damascus who has fed me exquisite delicacies on a plate of jasmine, back in 1982.

Yemen has been facing famine for years in a raw.

What the crimson rose are we doing, dearest human?
What a bloody race are we to enjoy this game of hunger and starvation?
Hunger games...

Either we are One or we are None!

Certainly, I don’t tune in with the news, daily.

It would be impossible for me to think of my book, work on my writing and follow the flow of my mind, had I followed all the bloody news.

It’s inspiration and mood killer.

It’s bloody painful!

So here is what happened:

I crossed the threshold into my beloved father’s chambers.

He was watching the news and that’s how I stumbled into the aforementioned recounted piece of news. It is out there. All over the place. The pitch dark insatiable merciless selfish ugly bloody bloody war!!!

My dearest Rose -
A vibrant heart,
Has kept us from falling apart…

The Children of The World are Hungry,

The Children of Yemen Are Starving,

The Children of Syria Are Starving,

The Children in Africa and Worldwide are Starving,

I am starving too.

What are you starving for?

I am starving for genuine vibrant LOVE.

Luckily, roses are all over my life. Times are turbulent though.

Aren’t you and aren’t we all starving for something? What about humanity?
Can there be love without humanity or humanity without love?

Dearest Mother,

Queen of the Heavens … Guide us through. Have mercy upon our souls. Will you enlighten the human's soul?

The human race has gone mad. Seeking kingdoms of power and greed when there are so many children starving for a crumb of bread, just as I have starved for motherly love for years, as a daughter of a narcissist.

But for LOVE, the human cognitive system would be and is affected. So I dare think that maybe the leaders of the world are in need of buckets of LOVE. Why not share some buckets of Love with the leaders of the world, something might change... The hunger games might come to an end?

During the past year, Julieta has nourished me with her exquisite dishes by God’s command. I was commanded to come to my father’s house and Julieta -- was commanded to take care of her daughter - for one year, after at least, a decade of absence. My dearest, miracles happen when one expects it the least.

You see at times, fathers who happen to lead the world pull the trigger of decisions which lead to severe atrocities affecting the children of the world. Many times, the narcissistic mums can generate differences and damage among their children for the sake of their own well-being. I know my incubating mother has oftentimes generated havoc, smoke and exquisite delicious dishes to which, thanks to the past year, I have been a happy subject. Otherwise, when leaving alone, I'd receive a call on my birthday or she'd pay a visit only for emergencies. Moreover, I've witnessed mothers who don't care about "other" children, but only about their own children.

You are nature's miracle giving birth to a lovely human being and yet you don't care about a child who is not yours? How does that work? So if I care only about myself, and I look the other way when my neighbour is in need, what kind of a community do we have on a micro-level?  Can we speak of humanity on a macro-level?

Should I pray for God’s intervention on saving the children of the world? I’d say it’s the only way out. The only Divine Way... We go to the mosque and church. We pray 5 times a day. On every petal of the rosary... And then what? What happens next? How are we applying the love for the Source in our daily life?

'Esmeralda! Where are you Esmeralda?', invoked her Quasimoto.

We shall remember Gavroche, calling in for a 'Revolution of Love'.

Or Monsieur Madeleine saving Cosette.

I put my Faith in God and Mother Mary’s Light!
I put the children of the world’s fate in Mother Mary’s Heavenly Palms.
And I am praying for the children of the world. I am praying every day. Are you?

What would Love do now?

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