In A Way, Aren’t We All On the Road to Damascus After this COVID-19 Pandemic?


In A Way, Aren’t We All On the Road to Damascus After this COVID-19 Pandemic?

Seven Are The Gates of Damascus.
Seven are the days of the week.
And Seven are the planets. 
One World. 
One word.

The Universal City of Damascus breathes within a complete cycle between days and among planets, reviving and regenerating as often as needed. 

Damascus is feminine. Damascus is the Mother bearing generations and countless civilisations in her womb. Moreover, Damascus is el carino dripping through the Roof. Connected to the Heavens, she’s inspired poets. To this day, Damascus is the eternal muse. I know I shall forever and always bear Her herein - within.

D.A.M.A.S.C.U.S. … letters encrypted on the soul. Abraham from the Heaven’s received the call.

We shall not be forgotten, after all. Faith sprayed the letters I.M.A.N on her inner wall. 

According to the Abrahamic tradition: all human beings have unique souls and that will be saved or damned when the body is dead and gone…

"But even if we could eliminate what is false and imposed, what would our cleansed authentic beings actually consist of when they have been purified of the past and of the demands of others?" (Charles Lindholm - Culture and Identity)


It’s the Holy Feast of Sacrifice for Muslims worldwide. Rosary Rose, let’s take this opportunity and wish us all Muslims around the world - HOLY 3ID, SA3ID WA MUBARAK - Mutlu ve Nur dolu Bayramlar dilerim. اضحى سعيد و مبارك


Time as old as time, faith as unwavering as faith, and love as deep as love, dearest Damascus has always been. So have we, my dearest, at least for the past 3 Millenniums.

Old Damascus has seven city gates, its oldest dating back to the Roman period. 

Enter Bab Al-FaradisThe Gate of Paradise (باب الفراديس)  located in the proximity of numerous water sources and lush gardens.

We shall remember the Damascene interior loving gardens. What would you expect from so spiritual a place? 

Her Heavenly gardens are confined within her ancient walls, far from the penetrating gaze. ’Tis only the eyes of the heart which can see Her well and clearly.

Aren’t world’s most beautiful treasures and islands hidden from our eyes? Take the Greek islands for example. Take those hidden corners unknown to tourists within your favourite park?

Either way, can I have my favourite ice cream in the whole wide world, back Home?

No, but I can turn to the paradisiac gardens of Damascus. The memory of them is quite vivid in my mind. You see, the best Paradise comes from within. Why not make sure we water the garden of our thoughts and being with rays of kindness and tenderness?

"For me, a journey to Damascus is an amazing hunt from beginning to end, a slice through layers of history in search of treasure." - Tahir Shah

Enter Bab Al-SalamThe Gate of Peace ( باب السلام). Located in the North of the city, it was originally dedicated to the Moon by the Romans. 

Whenever I think of you, Damascus, I am peaceful. The pace of you triggers bliss and ease… a smooth and velvet touch caresses the moment. Life is joie de vivre a Damas. 

Life is precious within the chambers of her being. The very thought of her takes me over the Moon. What’s your 'Gate of Peace'? What’s your key to accessing the world within?

I for one do el flamenco, every day. 

Bab ToumaThe Gate of Thomas ( باب توما) is located in the north-eastern corner of  Old Damascus and it leads into the Christian quarter by the same name. 

I imagine Saul heading toward Damascus. He is at a milestone, where giving up his old Self is a must. Isn’t it? He rids his Old Self.

I am in the now with Saul. Imagining  His aura heading toward Dimashq, the very city where His eyesight was restored. Baptized by the Priest Anania, Saul became Saint Paul/ Sfantul Pavel, Heavenly protected and Divinely connected to Damascus.

Paul the Apostle's sight is restored, in Damascus. Ridding the Old Self, spirit and soul renewed, Paul the Apostle is sanctified in Damascus.

Isn’t our eyesight restored nowadays in terms of, perhaps, adopting a new mindset?

Aren't we compelled to look at life from a brand new perspective?

In a way, aren’t we all on the road to Damascus? It's up to us what we leave behind and how we choose to declutter the shelves of our being.

Bare with me, I am asking a lot of questions nowadays. 

We are facing the challenge of giving up the Old. I don’t know about you, in my case, the changes in my life are similar to the movement of the tectonic plates. 

There are many persons the universe had dropped off for me. And new beautiful energies coming in. 

Everything that was - forget it! That's life before the pandemic. Old habits. All gone. The new does not and cannot fit in the old. How could a size 38 fit in a 44, and vice-versa? What do you think about this new epoque we're plunging in?

Come along… Let’s head toward BAB SHARQI– The Eastern/ Oriental Gate (باب شرقي) originally referred to as the Gate of the Sun but its common name derives from being located in the East of the city. What is Damascus if not the embodiment of the Sun? Those sunny rays tickling and caressing the hair on the pillow.

I could live for an eternity abroad, I shall forever and always be that little girl from Damascus. The "lady" in me, my "womanity" is Damascene to the very core. And I like it! Yes, I am. I am an Oriental lady doing el flamenco all the way through the seven gates of Damascus.

Now I enter Bab Sharqi, now I enter Bab Orobi (The European Gate) until I have lost myself in the essence of my being, here, amidst the magic of the Damascene Rose. Ole! Que toma! Ole! One, two, three - HOP! And Ole! again.

Dedicated to Saturn, BAB KISAN, The Kisan Gate (باب كيسان) is a very significant gate, located in the SouthEast of the old city.

Who knows who has set the first stone of magic in the City of the Sun? So many petals of stories unfold...

"Oh Sham with the mighty sword that never ceases… You are the words of glory in every book. Before you, history was drenched in darkness, and after you, it is written in the stars." - Said All

BAB AL-SAGHIR, The Small Gate (باب الصغير) is indeed the smallest of the Damascene gates.

For sure, I was a little girl when I left your Heavenly Earth. I close my eyes. I am still small. How could I not be small in comparison to your grandeur? A majestic city uncovering layers of magic up the hill. Damascus is imperial, yet She does not impose her grandeur. She leads with tenderness and lattafe. She commands not by words, but through her being. Her vibrant heart. Damascus is and whoever joins the keynotes of her song follows Her path of Love, Kindness and Humanity.

Open arms. Pirouette. HALT! We have reached Souq Medhat Pasha. Sesame open the Gate of the Water Trough BAB AL-JABIYAH ( باب الجابية), also referred to as the Gate of Jupiter!

The world aligned as soon as we have reached the 7th Gate of Jupiter. Seven planets. Seven days. One world. Hence:

To me,

Damascus is the eternal song

The muse descended from Heaven

Playing keynotes on her oud

Setting the eternal mood

From myself to myself,

From yourself to yourself,

From ourselves to ourselves,

ONE keynote amidst the petals of the rose,

The Damascene Rose.
Come along now. Have a look at Mother Source’s Seven Gates, entries into the pillars of faith. Stairways to magic. Her Sun warms all roses anon. I'll be back on the 31st of August with a new story. In the meanwhile, who else is in for a stroll in Damascus?

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