Beirut – Macron A Les Macarons, LIBAN – ON!


Beirut - Macron A Les Macarons, LIBAN - ON!


In the aftermath of an explosive waterfall,

A president descended

from the Skies,

The president had the macarons

to go through the crowd…

Or was it the heart?

The Magic of the Heart... That's a syrup for the movies though! 

The president took heart and went through.

A balm for the soul

A miracle for the eye

For you and I to watch on the screen -

Delight in the unseen,

In the aftermath of the bloody scene!

The bloody -- unforeseen


The bitches decided to move Hollywood
to Livelihood,
Fetch movie scenes into real life.
What's next, wrenched souls?
What's next?
Ugly filthy bitches


Macarons ...

Lovely hearts.


Archangels - your Lights glitter in the sky

Are you in the nearby?

Even hope has grown tired in the 3rd Millennium, my dearest,

Even hope has ...

Look around!

Look at all this blood and puss

Bring out the Divine in us!

It's a Must


Leadership manifested 

among people descended


Dear soul, how will you recover after this 


It ripped the being from its place,

Today everything seems so out of place.


The Man of The Day

Hugged the lady

That’s what we wish for -

Leadership With Humanity

Leaders Of Humanity



Let's pray for the power of Faith

It is only the eye of the soul 

who sees us through,

There's no other way!

We must stick to our Divine Essence,

Or else, we'll get blown out in the Evanescence...

Hopefully, as ONE!

Let's Pray for Beirut!

Let's Pray for Lebanon!

Like we've prayed for Yemen, Syria, Australia...

Let's Pray for the World!

May Buckets of Englightenment Descend Upon Your  Minds, Dear Leaders of the World. Amen.


Shall WE?

Accompanied by the silky angelic voice of -- Fairuz ...

Photo Credit: Vladimir Cush - Window To Discovery

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