3 Main Reasons Why Music Is — The Sweetest Escape, Isn’t It?


3 Main Reasons Why Music Is — The Sweetest Escape, Isn’t It?


Keynotes of magic. Vibrating sounds. Heartbeats. Fragments of stories.

Enlightening threads of hope. Strings to walk on when the going gets tough.

Liberating! Fascinating! Illuminating! What more could become of it?

So much… more sentiments erupt from the labyrinth of its mysteries.

1. Uplifting!

Headphones on, and you’re gone. Afloat above it all. Making your escape from the desperate situation. Leaving it all behind. At times, you can find yourself running for your self and from your SELF.

Or the mask you are tired of taking on, on and on, and on.

And, sometimes, you are flying over... dancing in the golden sands. Discovering the bounty island, peaceful and carefree. Nobody is nagging. Nobody is asking you to be someone you’re not.

As you step on the colourful tones of each tune, you get the feeling and the mood that it’s a must for you to spring those God-given wings wide open and fly away. As far as your dreams can drive you, you’re safe. And that’s uplifting!


2. Magical!

There - in the moment, the instruments playing the flaps of your heart in rhythms undiscovered even to your valves. What a maze - the elasticity of our heart! From ashes to love and from crumbs back to love, again.

Love is a wonder! A sip of genuine pure love works miracles, doesn't it? It erases the bruises of the heart. Wipes it all away, planting seeds of magic instead.

While waltzing on every bruise mopping balm of roses - the painkiller. Every verse and beat come like a waterfall. Have a new state of being fall into place. Wrapping up a bad mood in a brand new skin.

The cascades of tones and rhythms encrust sparkles of magic… within the mystery of the heart.

3. Addictive!

The more I like a song, the more I want to listen to it, over and over.

I get this earworm and I cannot get enough of it. Stuck in its labyrinth I am and I don't want out. It's too cosy to want to leave. Not this soon... not this moment. Maybe later.

This is it!

This time a teenager kinda post.

Listening to my all time favourite soundtrack main theme, right over here, amidst the petals of the Damascene Rose...

Isn't it m-a-g-i-c-a-l?

What's your favourite soundtrack main theme?

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