The Emerald Miracle: the Gentleman By The Straights — A Character Inspired By True Facts


The Emerald Miracle: the Gentleman by the Straights

Family isn’t always blood. Family is that dose of oxygen that keeps you going. Family is the One who holds your hand in times of the black thick depression when your brain is frozen.
Colder than ice. And you cannot make it budge, because it won’t. It’s frozen! Family is breakfast prepared with care and love when your heart goes dry and you hang on in the desert, just like the Rose, the Desert Rose. Family is the One who would support and cling to you during your worst times. Family is growing to love someone you couldn’t and you wouldn’t stand in the very first place. Family is You, Guardian Angel sent by God in times of distress! An Emerald Miracle stemming from the very straights of life...

My dearest,

A gift from the Heavens you are

A froggy frog I call thee!

For the light your eyes convey

gives insight into the brain!

Do you believe in Miracles?

I do.

Dearest elegant Gentleman,

A shelter from the snowy winter,

An oasis of water you’ve been,


In the desert of the West,

An arid land

Lacking Feeling and Encouragement,

Respect and Love

Maybe I don’t Like all that is You,

The unbalanced – I quote you, in your balance

or the cold in You,

The writer Burhan Sönmez compares the
Bosphorus to a Sapphire,
The Light in your eyes can only inspire,
Emerald-eyed ...
Emerald Miracle
Facts speak louder than words,  don’t they?

Eventually, at the end of the day, all we actually remember is did he, or did he not?  Has she or has she not? The little things. Life is quite simple. As long as you are present and listening to the ear of the soul and to what is being said and done, make no mistake, you will understand.

The Froggy Frog Amendments:

“Always remember that a leader lies within you!  You are one of the female leaders you are reading about.”

♣“Oh, he used to call you stupid a few times a day. You are anything but stupid. You are very clever!”

♣ "I know and see your potential. You don't need anybody to succeed. You have got all that you need in order to succeed." (I am not a man though...)

“You are the only one in my environment who thinks I am clever!”

♣“If you generated one sell alone you would still be successful to me!” and she – an overachiever, had learned how it felt to be accepted, irrespective of her performance for the very first time in her Life!

♣“All will settle just as it is best for you and I am looking forward to it.” AMEN

♣“I have begun seeing my book, my first book.”

“And I am looking forward to seeing it become alive, to reading it!”

♣“I can’t move my brain. I just can’t. “ And he’d be present. And he’d wait for her to stop crying.  Be there. For she couldn't move her brain. It was frozen.

♣“Don’t you worry, your brain will never get tired!”

He has always believed in me – indeed.

♣“There are no ugly women. All the women are beautiful. It’s just that some of them are not elegant.”

“So what you are saying is that there are only elegant and non-elegant women.”

♣“What should I write about?”

“Precisely what it is you’re feeling.  Everything that draws your attention. Everything. All this puzzle of situations you keep attracting like a magnet.”

♣"I want someone who would be good for you and your soul!"

♣"What really matters is the truth that lies deep within your heart. The truth! You know you have accomplished it all by yourself. That is what matters! Not "their" perception." 

 ♣ Let them perceive what they will, let them...
When Life has you encounter outstanding people who inspire you with their breeze, you turn them into characters for your book in the becoming.

May God protect you,

Enlighten you with insight,

Just like you have been

a Lighthouse of Resistance for me...

And just as Monsieur Madeleine had been Cosette’s family of adoption, just as Pip had undergone the growth process from a pip, a seed to the grown-up gentleman never ever giving up on his Great Expectations under the wings of his Benefactor, so has she received Divine Family Love, Guidance, Friendship and a Comrade  during the War; ALL by the Mercy of God. Alhamdulillah.
     Exit what was, enter what is!
 Rosary Rose,
Embrace him with your petals,
Guard the Angel,
the Emerlad Miracle...

In the now, I've come to realise and appreciate even more your utmost wisdom... For our soul tribe love us and protect us, at times, even from our very "self", my dearest rose, the Damascene Rose... 

God Bless You
Allah'a emanet ol
After all, we are never too old to wish upon a miracle ...

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