Fairuz – the Rose of Lebanon


FAIRUZ - The Rose of Lebanon

The living legend.
La Madona del Libano
Fairuz. Fairuz. Fairuz.
I know, I know, I know that when I hear F-a-i-r-uuu-z my heart indulges the balm of roses.
The “Madona” of Lebanon takes me as far as the Garden of Roses. The Garden I have never 
left. How could I have? It’s been God-given. The eternal balm of roses of the rosary…
Rosary Rose, I am hearing Her voice:
Fairuz — the rhythm of my childhood rings in my ear.
Fairuz — the breeze of the sea caresses my cheek.
And Fairuuuuz — the Pavlov effect has me feel the consonants and vowels of BEAUTY.

Of genuine pure beauty. Not of the filthiness of the nowadays, when the bloody human has become estranged from the very H of humanity. If only Humanity exploded from the very valves of  your heart, my dearest human!

Descended from the Realm, in-between Angelsland and Magicland, her Majestic Angelic voice is the whisper of velvet transporting the heart to the sultanate of the very LOVE. 
As if hailing from the Heavens, Fairuz… The strings of the harp whisper: "Fairuz"… 


The voice of Lebanon deploys our soul to the very spring of the beginnings.
Of the commencement. 

Go back to the roots. Go back to the song of your magic. Remember the essence of your being… Arrived there, now cling to it. And be proud of it. Be content to be an authentic. Humane as Gandhi has advised in his time. 


Fairuz — a messenger from above…
The heart descended among the petals of the rosary petals. 


Fairuz visited by His Excellency, Monsieur Le President.

As for Monsieur Le President, well… I don’t know much about politics, about charismatic PR campaigns… all I know is that “m-a uns pe suflet”, as we call it in Romanian.

The visit paid by Monsieur Le President warmed my heart or with a literal translation — buttered my soul — with a balm of roses and then again, with jam of roses. Only to resume the action of buttering, over — and over — again. Respectfully, and biensur, metaphorically speaking...


We, people of the Middle East… Damascenes, Phoenicians, Canaanites,… people of the Levant, of Bilad-Al-Sham … We — all of the Arabic peninsulas, we all native Arabic speakers have woken more than once to the melodious soulful sound of the Voice of Lebanon. Morning coffee intensifies its savoury while the Voice of Lebanon — Fairuz, reverberates.

Furthermore, one needn't speak Arabic to become wrapped in the notes of the magic of — Fairuz.


By the way, what's that called down here, in the West? Female Empowerment? "Milady", You give empowerment a new name, as Bon Jovi's song lyrics have it. 😉 Ladies and gents, that is if I may say so.


Nowadays that I am about to take off from my father’s house, once again... Hence, every day, I wake up to the majestical resonance, to the silky blanket fluttering the highlights of my hair, seeing to her way out through the window. Notes of her Rosary Voice — Fairuz. And I wake up, bead by bead.


Oudak rannan… Bid him al salam! Salimli 3aleh …

Oh, my dearest soul,

To you, I have longed.

And within you, I belong.


And I am Home, in the magic of your puffy starry blanket!
Or amidst the silky petals of the Rose!
Or wherever commanded by the “Supreme Commander”, soon.

Photos: Pinterest & Cafe Levant UK

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