Dimashq — I Wisp Myself To Believe You Have Been True…


Dimashq — I Wisp Myself To Believe You Have Been True…

This moment, as bits and pieces, smells and spices of flashbacks of and from Damascus are coming to me,  I wisp myself and I cannot believe the first decade of my life. I cannot! 

Last night I reached out to Hug your vibration, Damascus. You were talking to me.

I felt that I missed you SO… SO… SO… MUCH — that I literally hugged you. And most probably, I was dreaming. This is what you have always been — our sweetest and dearest childhood dream.

As if depicted from Neil Gaiman’s Star Dust… only that it is not. The childhood in Damascus was real, and surreal. Like this moment of magic I am living — right now! Not only in terms of memories, also as moments of the now. I’ve never thought I’d be so peaceful and happy as I am  right now.

Stillness, writing and reading, walking… Having my coffee, outdoors, with this cosy coffee shop, by the Romanian Atheneum, as soon as the authorities have allowed for businesses to resume their workflow.

To me, stillness worked wonders. I am at ease and this is miraculous.  Just like I am thinking “Did we really, really live those days, back Home, in Damascus?" By God, what an amazing first decade of my life! ’Twas within the 1001 days, the 1001 petals of roses I’d cherish with my best friend in crime. Oh, I indulge the syrup of our magical childhood, every day, and I shall feel its taste in the oasis of our once in a lifetime memories.

My plan is to activate them forward. God willing, I am to plant father’s seeds of roses soon. 

Inshallah, very soon. 

Just like I find it hard to believe that I had the wonderful grandparents I’ve had — on both sides. 

I was very, very close to mamaie. Grannie, Julieta’s mother, raised me. I like the saying like grandmother like niece better. Mamaie would talk to me, hug me and caress me with the gift of “vorba buna” - the gift of kind word, something very rare for the Romanian ladies nowadays. In truth and in earnest, I mean no harm. Only that mamaie has been very beautiful and magical in her kindness and pools of laughs and gags, blended with refinement and genuine aristocracy. 

I love her so much, to Damascus and back. I’ve been missing her every minute of every day, just like I’ve missed Damascus of the ’80s.

To me, what is even more astonishing is my having manifested humans from other galaxies in the past decade, and especially, during the past year. It’s as if “my” global tribe of souls have finally found it suitable to come and take me away… on an enchanting and enriching ride into the beautiful unknown. Nothing is usual or common about my soul tribe. As for their energy, well, it feels sparkling, bubbly and incredibly beautiful. As if I were in a DREAM… As if I were back Home, only that I am moving forward. 

Times are coming back, indeed — FORWARD. Times are coming forward. It’s upon us to direct them onwards.


Can't wait for this brand new adventure coming my way.

I miss you like certain.
I miss you as I breathe.


When did you have your last moment of magical daydreaming, rapture… of the you — name it?

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