The Smell Of Fragrant Tobacco Took Me To Cloud Nr.11


The Smell Of Fragrant Tobacco Took Me To Cloud Nr.11

I like the smell of cigar, of tobacco — even though I don’t smoke.

I am at the coffee shop. Same place, better inspiration I hope. 

A gentleman on my right side is smoking a cigar. It’s perfumed. I am trying to figure out the smell… I can’t. It doesn’t matter. I like it. The perfumed smoke takes me back to the Garden of Roses, where I belong. Oh, dearest Muse, I beg of you… have a drop of inspiration come through. A tiny drop:

The Universe Full Of Stars

Suddenly… the Universe was full of stars.

By day! And by night.

Stars followed her everywhere… 

T-shirts popped up on the streets,

Reading signs of synchronicities,

Everywhere, everywhere

One read MR. 11 - a firefly.

Is it the Light, fluorescent light running through my veins?

This is who I am! 

The fluorescent light spread

a spell, 

To your inner eye,

Dearest Firefly.

Starry soul, 

To you, I hold

Meanwhile, a flying insect landed on my bosom —

It’s still lying by my side,

On the floor…


I am seeing you,

Through the open door 

Any minute now.

Any second no more.

I wonder and wonder.

No, I don’t. I accept. 

I receive everything, everything,

the door brings…

I feel like dancing el flamenco, 

Lucas, donde estas,

en que ola de sentimento te metiste?

On which wave of feeling are you

dancing, Lucas, dear flamenco coach?

I am in this very moment — in

Within, within,

When will the New Universe Let Me in?

Counting every star,

Wishing upon Lady Moon,

Writing at the coffee shop 

leads the groove,

Dearest You,

Flying comet, shooting star,

Within — afar.

A star, a star, a star!

The gentleman is smoking his cigar, still.

I shall keep some fume of fragrance, for another story, right over here, amidst the petals of the Damascene Rse.

Until next time, stay loved, stay fragrant... 

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