7 Ways to How I Have Remet My Self in Cismigiu Park


7 Ways to How I Have Remet My Self in the Cismigiu Park After the Covid-19 Pandemic

In this petal, I’d like to talk about my first reencounter with the Cismigiu Gardens this summer, after the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the World.

After years of absence and traveling, this is where we celebrated life, last summer, amidst the Cismigiu Gardens with our enlightened friend, Paul, the blue-eyed angel friend, as I like to call him. He calls himself Lord Chamberlain. I guess one ought to ask him why...

I don’t know if it’s the Covid-19 Pandemic, the past one-year reboot or my heart’s overflowing with petals of joy and mirth, yet the reencounter with the Cismigiu Gardens has been Divine. Wait till point 7, that's when you meet the kissing branches!


  • 1. Tataie Gheorghe

Accompanying me on the route, the Cismigiu Gardens have taken me, by the hand, back to 1992 when, tataie Gheorghe, grandpa, would walk me here. He’d read his newspapers and debate with his friends. Right by his side, little me would play and fill the plastic bucket with the pebbles she’d gather. 

I see my self landed from Damascus at the age of 9, running with the pigeons in the Cismigiu Gardens, hearing tataie Gheorghe’s voice in the background.

In the Cismigiu of the now, I’ve come to realise that tataie Gheorghe was the avant la lettre type. 

I don’t know which twinkling unicorn star had father and the love of his life, Julieta, meet. All I know is that everything is atypical in our family.

As for tataie Gheorghe, he was a man of vision — indeed. His house, the one I live in for now, with a direct view to the Royal Palace, has been the "Temple". Christian tataie Gheorghe welcomed into the heart of his house Mohamad - my Muslim father and his student friends from Yemen, from Africa, from all over the world, many times praying in other rites as well. Tataie Gheorghe welcomed them all.  I think of most of us, Romanians today, are we as tolerant and accepting of the "other" as tataie Gheorghe was? What of us "Damascenes"? What of the world? I’ll give it a thought or two  

It all started, right over here,
The energy feels near...
Here on the pier


2. The romantic alleys

The alleys of the Cismigiu Gardens are quite romantic. This park takes me back to the times of our writer Ion Luca Caragiale… I see elegant ladies walking their talk, arm in arm, with their beloved.


I go back to my self  landing in Bucharest. Mamaie is alive. She is in her bedroom. I wonder which of her elegant dresses she’s going to wear? 

I see her open her wardrobe. Which one will she pick this time: the yellow one or the polka dot dress?

The Cismigiu Gardens breathe out romanticism. 

Or is it me? Am I in love with life? Has this one-year reboot have me think, walk and talk, differently? I no longer want to slam the door shut on Bucharest. It’s never been Bucharest as a city, but the “fauna”. Or was it karmic... stemming back to past and past lives?

2018 was terrible. I’d better not invoke it. After 2009-2010, I never thought it could get any worse. I could only compare it to the recent explosion in Beirut, only in my case, it happened in two phases. 2010, followed by 2018. 

It wasn't a divorce! It was a blast.

2018 wasn't a coherent intervention. It was a blast!

Thank God it’s all gone with the wind of the fugazi, mugazi, fusilli — one name it. 

The pieces of my new self fell in perfect alignment and I’m in love with the Cismigiu Gardens.

This is all that matters. 

I have danced my 8-10 km romantic walk, round after round, pirouette after pirouette.

I wonder is it because I have wanted to leave so much, that now I am bonding this much? Or have I risen above it all? I am taking it as it is. 

I’ve loved Bucharest, I have. Only that I feel that I come from far and I am to embark on this ship, deep within or far away, in the within. I’ll envoke Divine time and space… see what comes about.


3. The shades of green…

The infinite shades of green blend with the yellow. Like fireflies, shedding their own light.

I lose my self in the infinite greenish shades. This is the only way I could think of making love to the now. If anything I am expert at, my dearest, well …it’s alchemy! With all the possibilities and the soul mates of the corolla — flying butterflies around my head, all I can think of is dive into the now. 

One path alone. Blending and dancing with the Cismigiu Gardens. And whilst I allow for my thoughts to wander carefree and touch the rays of the infinite emerald green, I go on rediscovering with every step, the hidden alleys of Cismigiu. It’s a sweet reencounter. As if I were jumping every now and then, from one branch to the other, while shedding my own light. So that the green, in synchronicity with my being and my heart chakra, follows back. Just like fireflies respond to each other according to the light they give.


4. The swans

In the depth of the park there’s a natural reservation inhabited by swans and other birds.

A corner of heaven at a stone’s throw from our house. 

The swans circle the little “pond”, always in a pair. Two, two, two. I like that! It’s a beautiful reservation. It reminds me of the James Park, only it’s even better. It’s in Bucharest. I’m loving this! I stop and spend a moment or  two watching and admiring them. I listen to their song and I like it. It’s a bond, the communion of man and nature so oft referred to by our National Poet — Mihai Eminescu. I am eternally in love with parks. From the Cismigiu Gardens to Saint James, and the park overseeing the shores of Taormina. Come along now with the Cismigiu Gardens, let’s flow with the  Swans.

5. The Clock… Tower

I walk one more lap and whenever I pass by the clock tower I have flashbacks. Only they are forward. Not backwards. I am with tataie Gheorghe’s vision of tolerance and humanity moving forward. I am inspired by mamaie’s elegant dresses and her inner refinement forward. I am leaving their daughter Julieta’s narcissism behind and moving onward. The sweet memories of them teleport me on a dance onwards and onwards. And I go on discovering and rediscovering the Cismigiu Gardens.


6. The Rummy corner

The corner where the “youngsters” gather to play rummy.

I had no idea the “youngsters” in spirit met around here. 

Oh, dear! There are many of you. You're so full of life.

I give them a wide smile. In response I receive their greetings. 

Cheers to you, darlings! Cheers to you!


7.  The Kissing Branches

The branches touch each other following a natural course. 

This is how they have been. And this is how they shall be. It’s who they are. The essence of their being is as it is. They are one, day and night. In their gentle kiss, they never part. They are.


Now that I think of it, I have never been Tolstoi kissed. You know what I mean… That kiss!

Nevertheless, I have been on this magical carpet ride in the kingdom of a starry soul. Who would have thought I could go on such a transcendental ride during the COVID-19 pandemic? A conversation turned the moment into magic. 

It was better than Aladdin’s ride. You must have watched the Disney movie, at least once. Much more intense and fascinating!

Was it a gift from God? Was it a miracle from God? She asked herself rhetorically. 

Will I open the door into the very heart of his magical realm…? ’tis only to God known. 

Miles away… two hearts became one.

Traveled the world wide and high. Dove into the kingdom of the soul abundant in stars and fireflies. Angels played the symphony above the clouds. 

And there was Lady Moon, too.

Previously, a Water Lily had activated the magic by trembling his feelings for her. A beautiful warm heart, hidden from the eyes of the race. A descendant of a different space, himself too. It was the first time anyone had trembled for her, like that. Subsequently, it rewired her brain. The health of her heart improved considerably. Then 2018 stepped in. 

Blast, blast, blast! What a Lord of Coherence!

God bless.

And there was Oliver taking me to other realms with his charming mushrooms. With the red bucket of cherries on magical petals of roses. Oliver has an exquisite garden of his own. Very abundant. Crystal clear. Sincere. Deep. Cosy.  A painter of words. I can see him holding his brush and painting his new novel. Words align and fall in cascades. As if landed from a different century, the sonnets of his mind take me to other spheres and heights... Wuthering Heights.

I see him, and not his shadow. 

I feel his presence, and not his absence.

And there is Fares, the eternal knight of the Garden of Roses. 

I’d need pages, pages, and pages to pour down descriptions of the exquisite souls and words would not suffice. In all the languages that I speak. Yes. I am writing the book... 

And there is the family tribe.

Froggy Frog, forever Froggy Frog!

And the Lord of the Bubbly, Bubbly Coherence… Of course! He did say “Always”. I believe he's meant it, a sa "Doamne iarta-ma" maniere! 

All in all, I am not used to feeling soul naked to so many exquisite souls. I am not used to being visible to so many hearts, and heard before breathing. I have been invisible for so long. 

Suddenly, the Universe has brought about much vibrant sparkling soul dust. I have been released into the light. I have been released into the light, to meet my soul tribe. It’s quite effervescent! In truth and in feeling, it feels sweet, very sweet.

The shadows of the branches dance with the sun rays as if making love to the now.
Just as I … am in awe, faced with God’s Majestic Grandeur.  In perfect communion and alignment with the moment I am, praying for Divine guidance and a FINAL RESOLUTION. 
After all, this is how magic comes about, don’t you think?
Hence I am dancing my way through, accompanied every step of the way by the gentleness and the beauty of the Cismigiu Gardens. 
Follow through…


Photos: All photos have been taken spontaneously 

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