Bloom, Bloom, Bloom – Blue Water Lily

Water Lily - Claude Monet oil painting

Bloom, Bloom, Bloom - Blue Water Lily 

Oh, you’ve bloomed and bloomed, 

Made it so far.

A water lily glowing by the Blue Strait

Intricate crossroads full of puss,

Headlines read mess and fuss.

Met you in the white citadel,
By the Blue strait,

Straights of life had us encounter.

The eyes of a vibrant heart cannot be met,

The miracle — only felt!

A reason unknown…

Beautiful flowers grow in pitch darkness.

Hang in!

Two continents met at one point,

Under the rays of the magic Sun,

Your heart Shines anon.
Keep the rays ON!

Water Lily - Claude Monet oil painting

It’ll guide through,

For as long as you nourish the beauty of your heart,

Nothing can stand in your way,

The vibrant heart shall give you strength.
Oh, Water Lily by the Blue Lake,
Hope the courtesy message has found you well!


in the chambers of your being,

keep well,

as a vibrant water lily

amidst new petals of Life and Magic. 

Recreate and regenerate 

an authentic water lily!

Rare flowers shining their lights through…

Like Monet’s Red Water Lilies —
I believe in you, I do,
And the Lake is Blue.
The Lake is Blue.

Integrate the petals of your new Self,

Spice them Up with self-love and vibrant Faith,

A new Ride

leaving behind

all Mess…

Stay Blessed

amidst the Water Lilies of the World!

Bloom, Bloom, Bloom

Photo: Water Lilies Red by Monet via Pinterest

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