Feeling Connected … Could It Be Feeling Loved?

Yellow flowers
Feeling Connected … Could It Be Feeling Loved?

All of my connections are tied with a rose thread, worldwide, liaised through petals… coronated within the corolla of the ONENESS.

No sooner do I wake up than I see them all align in our Garden of Roses.

At times, I connect with Saudi Arabia, India and Canada, the very same day.

Other times, I flow with the breeze of the Bosphorus and land in a delicious ice-cream shop.

Or walk my dreams with the pigeons of the Romanian Atheneum, in Bucharest.

Give them wings, one by one, as if they were the petals of my enchanting childhood.

All the time, I breathe in the magic of the rose. 

And for this, my dearest, I am grateful and blessed to the very orifices of my being... 

For I come from a rose, my darling Damascene Rose.

It isn’t a dream, after all.

And if it is… it is coming true. 

Isn’t that lovely?


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