Have You Heard of The Turkish Phrase İyi Ki Varsın ?


Have You Heard of The Turkish Phrase "İyi Ki Varsın" ?

Yesterday, while spending time with the writer Amin Maalouf — and his Leon the African, enjoying un momento de tranquilidad, and, as the song goes, I was tranquilllaaaaaaaaaaaa… in the Kiseleff Park, in Bucharest, here he stroke again. The painter of words sent me a message in Spanish reading “Senorita, escribe mas libros”. “Lady, write more book!” It seems he's been playing with this language application to learn Spanish and he sent me a photo crop of it.

And I was like “What the rose! I am only working on, struggling with the very first draft of my first wannabe

... dreambe book."

Moreover, I’d expect anything of Mr Sunshine Shadow landed from another century, the Heathcliff sprinkling writing dust to the bark of the tree, but send me a message in Spanish. Hombreee, que me dices tu? I laughed my heart out. 


It’s lovely I've had this blog created so that I can pour out the happenings of my life.

I find them — absolutely (with a British accent) exquisite. 


As I was saying, there’s a phrase in Turkish that I like very much - İyi ki varsın  = it’s good (I’m grateful) you exist.

To me, it exudes gratefulness and magic.

During the past year, it feels as if the Skies have opened to release my soul tribe, one by one. 

One has descended from the ceiling of a library. One from the greenish scenery of Ardeal… And one has...

And it goes on and on — worldwide.

From Damascus to the very heart of India, where my best -est friend resides.

Thanks to my soul tribe I feel an orphan no more.

Being kept away from my mother source — for so long.

My gentle, puffy, fluffy Damascus. 

You think I should get myself a dog?

Can’t though — I’m moving. The energies say I’m on the move…

Only God knows the whole groove!


I like to believe that I am not a declarative person by nature.

Definitely not the type to express her feelings.

I am the showing type… Yet, if you reside on the other side of the wall, and the chances for me to get on moving are very high, then I must tell you: “İyi ki varsın”, don’t I?


Multiculturality is abundance. With so many languages and traditions in the world, connecting and bonding bring about a genuine fan of sentimientos — feelings… 

To the extent that even while walking under the kissing branches in the Cismigiu Park, AL 7OB (Love in Arabic) joins in.

When was the last time you’ve shown your dearest they were your "iyi ki varsın"? 


Iyi ki varsin

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