Honourable Onur

Honourable Onur 


“Oh, Onur, the book is coming “soon”,

I am part of the family

not spilling the beans,

this afternoon.

After all, I was the fairy-tale,

Wasn’t I?

The only one who loved …—

You’ve thrown into the claws of life.

Scratch me till I release:

Petals of who I am…

Puss, filth and lies,

Who … been.

Honourable Onur —

You’ve given me the hell of a story,

My life is on the verge of touching glory!

Life has given me stories.
Many, many suitcases of stories!



Honourable Onur —

The puss in boots,

I thought we were supposed to hide in the shadow 

of the manhood,

You’d cling to womanity 

as if Dick weren’t in the hood.

Honourable Onur —

You’re such a bore!

In truth and in feeling 

the man-Wxxre

I do abhore!!!

An infringement of the 






“Fares, my dearest rose, are you there? I have been brainstorming... and do you know? The story I am writing is in the flow and I am flowing with it.” Mariam wrote on Fares’ wall. 


Whilst I am — on my way... 

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