Should the Sky Split Open…

Should the Sky Split Open

Should The Sky Split Open… Spoke the 37. Verse of Surat Al Ra7man - Surat (Allah) The Most Gracious

There are moments when we are. We just are. Not fed up or bored. Or extremely bored as I was today, and found it extremely difficult to write.

To me, writing is happiness. It doesn’t matter what I am writing about. As long as I am communicating, I feel alive. 

There were times when I couldn’t move my brain, during the black thick depression. Now that my brain is easy like a sunny Friday and I can’t write, it frustrates me.

I have this unquenched desire for my creativity reservoir to flow and dance in the nevermore.

If/when it gets stuck… well, all I can do is be. Tune in with the moment.

So I tried to indulge the now, as if the expression block I was having didn’t exist.

A petal of leaves fell from above.

It caressed my space - my being, my aura, the computer and the surroundings. That's the feeling I got.

I looked above and prayed for the skies to split open.

They already have, only that I can’t see it just yet. One short final lap of the marathon of patience. 

Off I go…


And as she was having a hard time tuning in alignment with the now, she remembered a sura she’d read a week ago.  For my dearest, though she knows many suras of the Holy Quran, she doesn’t know all of them — yet. One day as she was praying and meditating, her presence indulged the magic of this verse. 

That’s when she had a WOW! moment. The skies splitting open in a red rosey ointment… 

What was is gone welcoming the new manifestation. Or it a new galaxy,  a new paradigm?

All she could think of was the magic of the balm of roses and of the magnificent vibrational power of the rose. To the skies and back. For the rose has been known to be a descendant of  another realm, landed on Earth to teach us the L of Love with all its depth and spices, colours and nuances. Hence I let go, go, go and wait for the rose to descend from the Heavens.


The verse of Surat Ar-Rahman - Surat The Most Gracious 

37. When the sky is rent asunder, and it becomes red like ointment. (The Quran - Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali), Goodword Books, 2013

37. And when the heaven is split open and becomes ROSE-coloured like oil/ointment. (Sahih International) / And when the heaven will split, it will appear like a ROSE painted red. (Faridul Haque)

I resonate better with the second translations since they keep the meaning of Warda - Rose. In the tefsir (interpretation) of the sura, the reference to "warda" is kept and is made several times.

Should the Sky Split Open

The verse sounds magical like all the verses of the Holy Quran. And — upon hearing fakanat warda - it is a rose... It's always the rose.


The Divine Breeze coming to me surely feels like a brand new Rosy Galaxy... all by the Might of the Most Gracious.

May there be roses. And roses. And roses...


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