I Threw Water on Mother Mary… In My Dream


Lately, I Have Been Dreaming a lot… 

I wonder what it means when the starry soul you are into sends you a sports car for you to pxx in it. 

Is it a sign foreseeing an encounter?

What of the soulmates in the corolla of the rose, present in my dreams, too?

What about connecting to the now and stopping the rant of questions? Okay!

Why do I keep seeing two roads…taking shape - by themselves, in my coffee cup? 

Why two — always two?

Will I have to make a final difficult call — perhaps?


My only guess is that they've come from different spheres, one by one.

For the skies are opening and they surely look like a Rose, to me.

I’ve held on to my rose stem… standing tall and proud in my love for Damascus. 

My Mother Rose.


Julieta has always been jealous of Damascus. 

When confronted with narcissism, the inner mother activates. 

The survival instinct activates our inner mother.

Faced with the dryness of the narcissistic mother, my dearest Damascus exudes oxygen like a forest.

Withdrawing into the chambers of my inner Self I find Her — my sweetest and magical Damascus,
The Mother of my Magical Childhood. 

Back to my dream,  I was lying in bed, the one I used to sleep in with mamaie, my forever dearest and sweetest grannie.

Mother Mary was lying on the floor, by my side. Yet opposite to me, watching me.

I was up in bed, She was lying down on the floor. I’d found myself lying, side by side, with Her Holy and Rosary Rose Presence. 

So astonished was I that, as a reaction to it, I threw water on Her.

Yes, my dearest. I threw water on Mother Mary in my dream.


Are you smiling or maybe laughing while reading this?

I am laughing. How on the Rose was I able to do that?

Bear with me now.

I’d thrown the water from an area around my belly. The water was in the palm of my hands already.

Where did it come from? That’s up to the conscious mind to decide.

In the dream, my palms were filled with water and I’d thrown it on Mother Mary.

Mother Mary didn’t leave the room.

She was there with me standing at the threshold of the door, on the inside. With me.

In the old chamber of mamaie and myself, as it was, in the once upon a sweet memory.

How did I wake up from this dream?

Well, I couldn’t believe I’d thrown water on the Queen of the Heavens & of the Holy Rosary…

On the most majestic of the Roses — Mother ——— Mary.


I Rse Thee, amidst the petals of the infinite now

And this is not the first time I connect to Her, through my dreams...

Love and ease, my dearest.

Love and ease...

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