How Do You Lift UP Your Spirit When In…?

How Do You Lift UP Your Spirit, in general?

I was feeling low, a few minutes ago.

It’s the killer days when the monthly bloody flow installs itself and messes up with a week of my month. I can barely walk and the first 1-2 days my head spins and my mind is sooo foggy… 

For sure I am blessed to live very intense almost every moment, aren’t I? 

Nevertheless, I can still write. 

It’s luuuv, baby! It’s luuuv!

When have harsh conditions not interfered with my performance? That’s another story. For now:

Abrazameee! (Hug me!)

I hear in my ears.

Hombre, this is what I am listening to!

Are you kidding me?



Habbab, I would — send a friendly imaginary hug / un abrazo, and yet — I am busy swinging the locks of my wavy hair and playing my imaginary guitar. Quiero sentirte miiiiiiia!!!


Camila!!! These guys have found me on youtube.

I was listening to a tarot spread in Spanish. Since the pain around my tummy is killing me and the nausea I am feeling is asking for one more lemonade… I was killing some time in Spanish. This extremely beautiful language has acted like a magical quickie to raise my bloody spirits up.

When the rhythm of this lovely song tuned out of youtube, I tuned in.

Here comes the crescendo of the guitar before the:

Abrazameeeeeeeeeee! Abazameeeeeeeeeee!

A life without love is a waste.


Love is a world itself.

Either you are in,

at the centre ***

either you are out,


~ Mevlana Rumi

Yalla bakalım  

Abazameeeeeeeeeee! He hehehey… 

And here we go again. 

Play the guitar, man!!!

I must admit I am feeling much better now.

The music has set the tone… 


What’s your quickie mood enhancer when alone?

Mine seems to be Spanish.

I swear to God Spanish has saved the day.

"Quiero mirarte un poco e soñar que el destino…

I want to watch you for a bit and dream that destiny…"

Oh, sweet beautiful destiny of mine!

Unfolding in the forever now.

Oh, thou sweet Spanish… 

Spanish is a song in itself, don’t you think?

I admit, I am feeling much better now. 

Que toma!!!

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