Bucharest in Autumn and its Serene Caressing Breeze


Bucharest In Autumn and Its Serene Caressing Breeze

I love Bucharest in autumn and its caressing breeze. 

Truth be told, I might love Bucharest best, in autumn.

Both Romania and Bucharest have a scenery as if depicted from the 1001 movie decors during autumn.

The colours show. The fragrances. The breath of autumn feeling cosy. The mise-en-scene deploys me on this set where leaves meet to form a curtain of nature’s ethereal spices.

Watching it feels enough. 

Going on a walk amidst these leaves, getting on their enchanting carpet is what I love best during autumn.

The wind accompanies. 


When you expect it the least, it’ll have the leaves fall off of the trees.

Or, all of a sudden, it’ll have the yellowish leaves lift from the ground. As if at Aladdin’s command. 

By now my eyesight follows their sound and looks above towards the now reddish leaves. 

It’s a spectacular view. 

I can’t take my eyes off of you, Bucharest. I can’t.

Whenever my eyes look there, I love losing myself in this autumny leaves fall or leaves whirlwind.

The more I follow them, the grounded I am. They fall following nature's score. Whilst I — I stand tall in my essence. 

My thoughts fly away into their “Rabbit hole” and I follow. Wherever they may take me, I follow.

No resistance. 


I flow through and let go of everything, everything.

Bucharest looks like a painting. To our eyes’ blessing, the decor of Bucharest changes only for the better.

"Madame Croissant" might have landed amidst these leaves. Non-Romanians might hold the reins, yet the Bucharest of Romania has its own magic. It's Romania's charm. Itself to itself.

Irrespective of the mirage I’m caught in: sandy, breezy or salty, I follow.

For Bucharest has kept me near… so far. 

As certain as the cascade of colours of the autumn decor is the steaming coffee cup accompanying me. Right by my side. On the bench. Or in the cafe trottoir I am sitting admiring the painting:

Bucharest in Autumn.


Photos: Pinterest

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