Eleven: Eleven Makes Twenty Twenty 2020

Constellation 11:11:22

Eleven: Eleven Makes Twenty Twenty 2020

I have always wished upon a star… to follow where you are.
All the way. Ever since I stepped out of our Garden of Roses, back Home, in Damascus.
Have I? Have I ever stepped out of it?
Or, is it now the time for me to step out of my hour glass on 11:11:22?
Never have I imagined numerology would play such a huge role in my life.
And yet, it seems encoded all over it…
Let us be aware today marks the very powerful energetic, angelic, and cosmic portal under the vibration of 11:11:11:11 (2020). It's a great opening.
Today is the day I give thanks to the Skies for everything, everything.
What a feeling? What a bliss? After a bloody exhausting decade. 
You should know by now, the Garden of Roses is that place we call Home. Our beings are rooted in it.
Connecting to its magic, all becomes.
Hence I step into the corolla of the rose and sing my song of gratefulness for 

All of My Family (Damascus & Bucharest & Worldwide)

Starry Soul


Lady S. 

The Painter of Words

Ma soul sister Olympia

Paul the Enlightened 

Mrs See Through 

The Lord of Coherence

Water Lily

Mr Spiritual Friend from India

The Friend by the Romanian Atheneum 

Fares of My Childhood

The Humans of the Library

Froggy Frog!!! 

And on, and on.

Shall I include you too, in the Diptyque, dear Reader?


I’ll sing the song of roses for you, too.

You see my Diptyque has always included  Mohamad s, Maria s, Ezel’s, Abdul's, Andreea’s, Popescu’s and Gheorghe’s.

And word of a Damascene Romanian, the priest has read them all:

Romanian names, Arabic names, Turkish names, Indian names etc…

Christmas is coming earlier this year.
It’s here already.
Right over here, where it all started.
For what is worth, I shall forever and always be with You All, dearest and most precious 11:11 Constellation of Pure Humans. After all, it is upon us to create and bring about a Loving Age on Terra.
Don’t you think?

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