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17 lovely kids abandoned by their parents have written each, a letter to Santa and the NGO “Fight For Life charity" has delivered them into the Universe.

Rooted in the very heart of my magical childhood back home, the hybrid Damascene Rose has always been part of children's constellation. An ardent supporter of their cause, worldwide, the Damascene Rose has received the signal as soon as it has been sent. Thus the corolla had to spread the news, by all means.

Once the petals of the rose received the call of the children, the heart activated into an answer.
Donations were made, e-mails were sent, posts were shared, and other intitiatives — undertaken. 
The rose spread the news of the letters.
A call of a child ought to be answered, don’t you think?
With warmth, kindness.
Yes. I am talking about Love, baby!
Genuine, authentic, unconditional love for the children of Romania, for the Children of the World. 

Hopefully, their call shall be heard in time.

Joyfully, transfers and donations will be made in due time.

Merrily, these 17 children + 200,  and all the children uttering a call out there shall receive an answer, every time.

Shall we? 

The 17 letters to Santa speak for themselves, in Romanian.
By December the 3rd, donations as gifts can be sent to the NGO "FIGHT for LIFE charity’s “home” address:
No. 16 Odei Street, Sector 4, Bucharest.
For details, please dial the following petals 0740237968. Feel free to have a heart to heart conversation. It always works wonders.

Petals of donations always find the way.

Fight for Life
Who would have thought "a letter" would have us meet mask to mask?

This time, it isn't a letter coming to me after sixteen years from the heart of my mother source, Damascus.

No. It’s the call of 17 amazing kids delivered by a Lady with a big heart. I’ve known Ms Otilia Caloian - Vice President of the NGO Fight for Life charity, for almost 2 years, on Facebook. Her posts conveyed warmth and the energy of a loving mum of two kids, an active football player and a stylish young lady who has got the look. You know what I mean, the "I have got you under my skin kinda look". Children have it, they all do.

Needless to say, we had communicated through telepathy the day prior to our mask to mask encounter. I was applying my night face creme when I thought to myself "that red jacket of mine would better reach a child to really enjoy it. I'd better talk to Otilia". And Otilia thought: "I haven't seen your posts of late. I've wondered wether we were still friends on facebook," she told me over a cup of coffee and a mug of tea, while parts of my donation rested in the bliss of her car trunk.

Details regarding the gifts needed as described in the letters to Santa can be found on the foundation’s Facebook Page .

Please be in the knowledge that beside the above-mentioned letters, there are also 200 children who will be receiving gifts as sweets, fruits, books and Christmas decorations. Due to the Covid-19 imposed restrictions personalised letters couldn't be collected.

The cost per such a gift basket is 100 lei, let's say 22 EURs. Hence, you can be of great help by donating for the cause which suits your heart best. 

Let us remember the abandoned children for the Love of the Universe:

To support the causes of the NGO Fight for Life please pay them a visit on their website. 

As for converting the loving vibration of the heart into delicacies and gifts for Christmas, petals of your kindness are very much welcome - right over here:
Bank Account No (Lei): RO 43 RNCB 0670 1500 9479 0001, opened with BCR
Bank Account No (Euro): RO 86 RNCB 0670 1500 9479 0003, opened with BCR
Holder of the account: Fight for Life Charity
PayPal: otilia.caloian@yahoo.com
Revolut: 0740237968
Payment via card: https://www.fightforlife.ro/donatii_card.html

Long live the child in me, the child in you, the child in us all.

One to all, and all to one, as Children of the World. 

Happy Donations everybody!

Stay safe, stay loved 







1st Photo: Pinterest

2nd Photo Credit: Fight for Life charity NGO

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