So Much Time We Spend On… Instead of Living


So Much Time We Spend ON … Instead of Living

So much time we spend trying to fit into patterns.

So much time we spend testing and retesting the moment.


"What if I get rejected?"

"What if I fail?"

Okay. Fair enough.

"What if you get the love of your life?"

" What if you succeed?"

So much time we spend questioning instead of living.

Questions won’t get us the answers. Living will.

To my belief, life isn’t a question.  It’s the very box of answers to our question(s). 
Or what we make of it.

So much time we spend  — arguing?

What happened to "spending my time…" or" making love in the front seat of your heart?"

I know I have wanted to taste a drop of the unknown although I have been terrified by it. I have. I admit to it.

Upon tasting it, droplet by droplet, I have let myself dive into the waterfall and then raised above it all.

And this is how I have met extraordinary persons.

Every risk, every badass circumstance has triggered at least something good or a miracle. Looking back, I know that many situations which seemed to me terrible or nasty or you name it were in fact miracles mostly known as blessings in disguise. Despite everything, my once upon a decade marriage was one of them.

I tend to believe this will be my only statement on the matter, whoever might have the curiosity to keep asking about it, under different forms.

The one thing I want to say is that what happens between two persons is none of the business of the third asking about it. For — again, the answer resides in the moment and oftentimes, in the question itself.

Too much time we spend fearing when loving is so much easier. When we love, I mean we DO LOVE, the answers are. Questions are no more. LOVE exudes being. LOVE needs our giving into the moment.

So much time we allow for the questions in our heads to take control. What of the heart and its wisdom?

There might be a crater between living and imagining we are living, don’t you think?

Or is it just a thread?

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