Gladiator, the Movie, and the Way it Has Moved me

Wednesay, November, the 25th, 2020


I listen to the main theme song of the film Gladiator, many times, every day.

I’ve listened to the song Now We Are Free every day, for years now.

And it’s only yesterday that I have watched the film.

It was about time, don’t you think?

Most probably, you have watched it already. It’s me watching it 20 years from its release. One month prior to the closure of this decade.

A general of Rome falls into the claws of the cruellest of destinies only to stand, in his manly grandeur, amidst the waves of the unexpected trajectory of his life. From the General to slave and followingly, Gladiator. 

Standing and standing on the thread of his being, "the Spaniard" survives every step of the way until he gives Rome back to her people. Gladiator gives his last breath standing in dignity and the greatest of inner strengths.

Gladiator gives away the extraordinary inner strength the MAN is capable of when He is Home within Himself.

He redeems his Self and with that, he gives Rome back her Self — Freedom.

A man standing in his grandeur, in his vigour, with strength, courage and LOVE.

Gladiator dies for the cause of Rome. Destiny fulfilled, he is walking Home towards his beloved wife and child. 


And while doing so, I cry with the images on the screen as the movie comes to an end.

I am crying with him. The movie has moved me deeply.

Tears falling down my cheeks remove the veils of the past and I see my old self go through an international tormenting divorce, it’s the very hell on earth. In parallel, it’s 2011 and the bloody war has started in Syria. I can’t get on a plane and physically connect with Damascus - the Mother Source. I am leading a start-up business and somehow, despite the Black Thick Depression and my total state of unbalance, I am being successful at it. To the extent that, in time, the market chooses me and I get to have a marketing business system bearing my name. This experience is ending within a couple of  years. I see a terrible and horrible fire explosion in a club in Bucharest. A blast of intervention follows, in 2018, and my soul cracks wide open, one more time. May I hope, it's for the last time? Now I am getting on a plane called “Relocation” only to eventually fly back to the source — my father's loving arms.

I play and play with the ropes of my life frequencies until I have succeeded in manifesting a brand new vibration. I make it. And then, then what?

Another ruthless bitch, the Covid-19 pandemic hits the entire world paralysing it, or/and waking it up, let's hope?

And now what? Tears running down my cheeks I watch  Gladiator and I know that I am manifesting  my safe passage through the tunnel of Light. There is no other way only my way.

Gladiator… the inspiring Spaniard bearing his cross with utmost nobility

In a way, aren’t we all gladiators of our lives?

Struggling and bearing our cross.

It’s up to us how we stand in our path, don’t you think?

I know I have been standing in the path of my being, clinging to a thread of hope oxygenated by a balloon of faith. 

Al-Iman - Faith is what keeps us going on. We look back and wonder — how in the  hell was I able to do this and that, don't we?

Moreover — my dearest, times of crisis reveal who we are. And for this, I love crisis.

It’s been a bloody decade.

It has bitched me, round and round, in a speed my oriental belly could barely cope with.

Yet — el flamenco of the heart activates best in times of crisis. Its strength splashes out before you know it. Breath by breath, one survives a cycle. Step by step, one walks the longest of roads. Image by image, one gets a vision. This vision board is what leads us out of the cycle.

Somehow, we keep seeing our exit in front of our eyes until we have reached our very destination. 

Precisely, like Gladiator.

God bless the movies!

God bless us all!

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