We Shall Remember… Damascus, the “Pearl of the East” – Damascene Rose

“We shall remember ...... Damascus, the "Pearl of the East", the pride of Syria, the fabled garden of Eden, the home of princes and genii of the Arabian Nights,the oldest metropolis on Earth, the one city in all the world that has kept its name and held its place and looked serenely on while the Kingdoms and Empires of four thousand years have risen to life, enjoyed their little season of pride and pomp, and then vanished and been forgotten.”

Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad


Minaret of th Jara7 Mosque built by

Sallah Al-Din Al Ayubi,

close to the Small Gate

 a painting by - Ahmad Almufti (1183/578 H.Y.)

I shall remember ... Damascus, the "Pearl of  my heart", the fragrant petals of her Garden of Roses, the joy and mirth of  our childhood, the gatherings and plays, the laughs and gags, the One City in the World that has bit of Sicilly, bit of Taormina, the warmth of the people of Portugal, and an exquisite Arab - yet Damascene touch, blended in the heritage of Empires, all under the brush of the Umayyad Architecture, and her loveliest Sun. The Smell of her, the Sense of her, the Pride of our sky, the very place Fares and I call Home.
The Metropolis never forgotten, Damascus, our childhood dream
amidst the rays of the Damascene Rose.
"She measures time not by days and months and years, but by the empires she has seen rise and prosper and crumble into ruin. Damascus is a type of immortality. She saw the foundations of Baalbek and Thebes and Ephesus laid; Damascus saw these villages grow into mighty cities and amaze the world with their grandeur – and she has lived to see them desolate, deserted, and given over to the owls and the bats.

Old Damascus

by Syrian Artist - Abdalnasser Alshaal



(...) She saw Greece rise and flourish two thousand years and die. In her old age she saw Rome built; she saw it overshadow the world with its power; she saw it perish. The few hundreds of years of Genoese and Venetian might and splendour were, to grave old Damascus, only a trifling and scintillation hardly worth remembering.

موقع دمشق - نذير بارودي - ياسمينات دمشقية 

Damascene Jasminat - Nazir Barudi

Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives.

The Gate of the Great Umayyad Mosque

- Gustav Bauernfeind

She has looked upon the dry bones of a thousand empires, and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies.
Though another claims the name, Damascus is by right the Eternal City."

Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad


Old Damascus: Gathering Lemons,

Circa 1873-1874

by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Photo: Pinterest

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