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Woke Up To A Box of Chocolate by the Romanian Atheneum

Woke up to a box of chocolate by the Romanian Atheneum.

I am enjoying my morning coffee.

It’s Saint Nicholas Day. 

The Universe seems to respond to me, sending over star after star.

Like this exquisite box of chocolate.


I am not going to the coffee shop today.

Although, whenever I go, the coffee shop turns into a place like this box of chocolate.

Red or nude lipstick on, I write. Imagine me going on a starry encounter with my characters not wearing lipstick? I personally can't. I mean I couldn't and I wouldn't.

I imagine places, stories and encounters.

Just like my sweet encounter with this box of chocolate.

Many times, as soon as my writing session is over or in-between two writing sessions we, the humans of the coffee shop, interact and share stories. Other times, like yesterday, we laugh our hearts out.

Whenever we meet again, our box of inspiration is full of them - snoave si povesti. 

Endless and bottomless. As if naturally recharging with new stories till we meet again.

Have I mentioned the debates about Islam and Christianity? Manhood and womanhood? Marriage and divorce? Let's smooth up the topic by saying --relationships? The jokes?

The stories triggered by the steaming espresso and lattes most often take us by surprise. They flow. And we join them. Allow them to lead the way.

Coffee takes us on this crescendo where communication and exchange of opinions flow, even though at times we steam on and off. I know I did steam over a couple of subjects a few days ago.

This very moment, I am enjoying the savoury of this piece of chocolate and all the stories I am visualising in the steam of the coffee.

As for you, I hope you are writing the glowing story of this beautiful Sunday for yourself.

By God, this piece of chocolate is absolutely delicious. I feel it - right over here.


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