11 – Counting the Blessings of a Decade During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic

11 - Counting the Blessings of a Decade During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I’ll start at 1 and stop at 11.
What about you? It's the last month of 2020 and the last days of this decade, have you counted your blessings?
Whenever there's something I don't like, I go within.
Whenever I have questions, I dive within... for the answers.
And whenever... I go within. Dive within. Seek within.
That’s where I see and feel the perfumed rosary.
An endless variety of petals always there for you and me.
The corolla of one of the most powerful catalysts - the Rose.
And in the name of the Damascene Rose, I count the blessings of the past decade.
Yes. I have kept calling the past decade bloody as hell.
It was a nasty bitch, it was. 


Tough trials and circumstances guide us and teach us to see the collateral beauties of life. Don’t they?

Coffee becomes tastier. Life turns more fragrant. Being alive counts more. 

As I sip the vibrant steaming coffee, the heart counts the blessings of the past decade, eleven times. 

One by one!

1. First and foremost I am alive and well.

I have made it fine and well through the COVID-19 pandemic. My family and soul tribe as well.

I have walked almost every day even in March - April when the pandemic was at its highest peak.

Walking and walking, circle after circle, around the Romanian Atheneum.

Whilst one of my best friends, a Human of India, got stuck in his house for months.

Truly, that is a serious blessing.

Of course, I’d rather not remember the resemblance of the parking lot in the Festival Square, back then, to the empty desert. It was so empty, there was not even a wretched soul, except mine. And my good health.

Thank God.

Let’s us always remember Health is Wealth. 

Let us pray for every single medical professional who has risked their life every day.

And let us pray for everyone who... during the Covid-19 pandemic. Let us pray for Life and for Terra.

2. Istanbul
My dearest, sweetest and closest friend - Froggy Frog.

A love and hate bond, at times, tides have been high and low, many times, yet when it comes to clinging to one another at times of illness and other crisis, the bond hadn’t torn, not even a single time.

Friends are friends.

And Froggy Frog, rest assured your magic amendments shall be passed on. Hence, stay alive.

Every lady, out there, deserves a “Monsieur Madeleine” to encourage her and hold her hand whenever she believes in herself, no more. Whenever the going gets tough or whenever she feels rejected, unwanted, or ugly. Moreover, it’s the perfect setting for seeing how guys react. What do they see in the story?

The truth I shall transcribe. 

And Istanbul - truth or dear, you have been one of my life’s greatest blessings - my dost.

Although, Elizabeth Bennet’s words come to mind:

“The one you couldn’t do with at first turns the one you can’t do without.”  (Wuthering Heights)

Or something of the kind. 

3. “My” Soul Tribe 

The friends I have manifested, especially in Romania, in the past couple of years, so exquisite and sweet, that I have had the courage to call the manifestation — the 11:11 constellation, because I was born at 11:11:11.

Thank you so much. Every single person I have met along the past decade … has inspired me to unbecome everything I have been expected to be and BE everything that I am. All of you have safely deployed me amidst the roots of “I am”.

And that feels quite cosy. Thank you!

4. Perfumes…

I come from a Rose, the Damascene Rose and I can’t make it without the touch of fragrances.

It’s not as if we didn’t have perfumes back Home. I mean by God, we do! That’s the very source of the Damask Rose the high-end perfumeries worldwide make use of. 

From mixing essential oils with water of roses and spraying it on my hear, to the perfumes I have ordered from Paris, I've loved them all. 

I am a fan of spraying a puff or two on my hair, especially before going to sleep. Not only does it leave the hair fragrant, but it also leaves a trail of perfume on the pillow. It's a kind of aromatherapy if you will.

What’s the perfume of your day? I am wearing Jasmine. 

5. Personal Growth

I truly am infinitely grateful for all the experiences and challenges, and there were quite a few of them.

What I am about to say sounds like a cliche. I know:

Hadn’t it been for all the challenges and delays, I wouldn’t have discovered all the depths and hidden corners of my being. Whenever I’d say I can go no longer, somehow, a ray of energy would infuse me straight from the core of the Universe and I’d go the extra mile,  time after time. 

And now, I know that when I’ll be making my next calls, I shall be 100% certain of them. Because I am very aware of my "self".

I have discovered every single room of my being. 

How about you, what were the experiences that have helped you discover all those hidden chambers of your lovely being?


6. Diving

I have dived 25 m below and within the sea.

That’s a first level diver’s certificate. 

True, I haven’t dived for a while now.

Swimming with the fishes and the living sea has been one of the most WOW adventures I have embarked upon. And yet — the best is yet to manifest.

Yes indeed. 

The best is yet to manifest, my dearest. 

7. Travelling

Don’t we all miss travelling, like we use to before the Covid-19 pandemic?

I am infinitely grateful for all the trips. 

Haven’t been to America (the Whole Continent that is) and Far Asia, yet.

Still, from Damascus to Bucharest, to Istanbul and Viena, to Paris and the French Riviera... I have been.

My Top 5?

After Damascus and Romania,

Sicily …

for She has taken me back into the arms of my Mother. The Sicilian warmth of the heart is one of a kind, if I may. Sicily had triggered the peek of the iceberg to integratively restore my senses. 

Little did I know at the time that the sky of my world would split into starry roses and that the magic of his soul would reverberate… And I climbed up, up, up, towards the Opera of  Taormina.

Oh, Taormina, you are unforgettable in everywhere way, as Natalie Cole sings it best.

The semantics of the word unforgettable have my heart deployed in

La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre.

I am talking the City of Love and Lights, my dearest.  I am talking La Basilique where I have prayed in both rites Christian and Muslim. 

How did I do that? Or why did I do that?

The answer is quite simple. 

I laid my hand on my heart and I started my prayer… for Ezel, Alina, Meryem, Mihai, Mohamad,  Mr Friend from India, Joseph. And so on. And so forth. 

You see I have Orthodox, Muslim and Catholic friends. The Basilique Herself is so very welcoming. I’ve felt Love, right over here. So many friends and souls, and one Heart alone.

Dancing my way all along Montmartre, I realise there is one more place I’d like to mention:


I’ve loved the warmth of the people of Lisbon and the food. 

I’ve loved you, Lisbon. I'd say your people are the "Damascenes" of Europe.

Followed by, two more place,

Kapadokya and Rhodes. 

Which cities are you missing the most?

8. Writing

Oh, my dearest, where shall I start?

The pleasure of writing has been… has been… magnificent!

Words turned into sentences, lyrics into thoughts, in the coffee shop by the Romanian Atheneum. 

Still working on my dream, almost every day.

I write, create and visualise. Hope I’ll go on writing, for this is one of my ardent wishes - write, and then write, and then start back at letter W. Then resume. Until I shall have fulfilled my dream.

In-between, writing makes me happy. And maybe this is what it's all about!

9. Personal Space 

One of the greatest blessings of the past decade has been my spending so much time on my own.

According to the Arab tradition, divorcees don’t live alone. I didn’t plan my encounter with personal space, like that. As a matter of fact, I was terrified by it. Aren't we all frightened by the unknown?

This is a story I’ll be writing about in the upcoming year. 

To me, personal space in the sense of living by myself was a notion unknown. I was 28 when I got the opportunity to know it. And I've discovered about myself that I am capable of creating a system, concepts and content — and that was quite astonishing. I’d never imagined I’d have my own company. That is also personal space. Or lack of it?

The Universe must have this bizarre sense of humour and fantastic planning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to explain the perfect timing of everything. 

Hence, I gladly embrace generating content, writing and visualising concepts. It’s what I love best. 

10. Finding My Way Back Home

To me, going to “Damascus”…well, it feels magic. 

I have been on the road, for a while now.

It’s not easy to stay true to oneself when the universe hasn’t aligned the coordinates for you. 

One vetoes circumstances, offers, at times, even love proposals, knowing something is clearly missing.  However, one does not have the guarantee they'll find what's missing. And that, my dearest, is either courage or recklessness. Something in-between, perhaps?

All in all, to me, 2020 hasn’t been cancelled. 

In fact, it might bring about lovely surprises. Especially now, during the final round of December 2020. 

11. God Loves Me

And I Love God.

I have a saying of my own: the greatest Love that I have known, if I have been truly and completely loved, well… it’s God…the Universe alone who’s loved me, BIG TIME.

Till now! 

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