Decorating the Christmas Tree During the Covid-19 Pandemic


Decorating the Christmas Tree During the Covid-19 Pandemic

How do you ornate the Christmas Tree?

I don’t mean technically. 

I mean: what’s your state of soul?

Wouldn’t call it state of mind.

L’etat d’ame refers to the soul and not the mind.

What’s your ritual about and around the Christmas tree?

I for one played some Christmas Carols - Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background.

My eldest sister by my side, we had some tea with a few slices of oranges, flavoured by a cinnamon stick.

Of course, you could opt for a mug of hot wine or brandy. 

As You LiKe It!




Ever since I was little, I’d play with Fares, my best friend and partner in crime, the game “Guess which Christmas decoration I am thinking about?"

I’d give him a few hints and he’d have to guess the Christmas decoration.

I’d play the game with my sisters too. 

This year, I have updated the game. Spontaneously. 

I looked at the Christmas decoration box and decided to create the “Merry Decoration Sends the Soul Tribe Kind Wishes and Love”. A sort of wishful thinking on every Christmas decoration. Yet I’d have to find the decoration to suit the person in my thoughts. 

This is the main purpose and aim of this virtual oasis of the Damascene Rose:  BE the drop of love dew amidst Terra’s Ocean of everything. 
It’s on true Love, Heritage, and Life Stories, baby! 

Given this twisted Covid-19 pandemic -- Oh, how else would you call this pandemic? If not twisted then...?

Oh, let us get back to Christmas: as I was saying, we tend to appreciate even more these moments of sheer bliss, hopefully. For sure I did. 

So as I was extracting the Christmas decorations from the red box, one by one, all of a sudden,  I thought of the writer. 

Yes, the painter of words. That moment, this decoration resembling a Florentine painter popped up out of the box. 

It’s not a new decoration

It was in the box, already.

Yet the very moment I brainstormed which wishful decoration I shall assign for the writer… abracadabra! My hand was on it.

So here it was, the decoration for Vincenzio della Fresca della Scrittura Permanente… Do you get me? Mark me — I don’t speak Italian. Yo solamente hablo el español, señoras yo señores. I‘ve only tried to create an introduction of the Christmas decoration a la italiano for the painter of words!

The reason I dwelled upon this decoration more is this: it was as if the writer had popped up into the palm of my hand from his ivory tower. I mean will you have a look at it! What were the odds for me to take it out of the box the very moment I thought of it.

Petals break: I can’t share a tiny feeling. It’s the whole feeling. So either the entire petal or nothing at all.
Who would have crumbs of a feeling, especially around Christmas?
This is the perfect time to express even more LOVE.
Have it spring in petals, and petals.

Crocheting words till they flow in the endless river of inspiration:

And there were the bells for my dearest friend in India.

A decoration for Lady S, too - a heart.

A Star for the Starry Soul. The interstellar. 

I looked and searched for a rose decoration, and the decoration of the Rose popped up too.

As I took one more sip of the fragrant tea, I went on with the game.

It felt so real, I mean so magically real. Thought followed by related decoration. Another thought followed by another decoration.

Within this petally starry mood of the soul, I filmed every Christmas decoration, Christmas Carols still playing in the background. 

Afterwards, I sent the video to its beneficiaries.

It felt like a warm delicious doughnut for the heart. 

Till next post, the last 2 posts of 2020… and of this decade,

stay safe
stay blessed
be LVED! 

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