What Cause Do You Believe In? – What’s Your Cause?


What Cause Do You Believe In? I Mean - What's Your Cause?

Time held still. I can only draw you near, delicious cause.

The smell of you, the slice of you, the essence of rum in you. 

Waking to the essence of you, first thing first. Early morning. 

I must inhale the fragrance of you before I brush my teeth.

It’s December 24th and the whole house abounds in your presence:

Dearest Cozonac, our Romanian traditional cake. 

I shall wait for your delivery straight out of the oven.

Then wait for you to chill a tiny bit.

A few hours, and then, then my dearest, I shall indulge every bit of you:


May every crumb of you multiply into 1001’s cozonaci for all the children of the world.

We had our home-made cozonac, in house.

I and the pancake of my heart sister have manifested a giant miracle: only when left without filling,

did Julieta send me to have  cocoa filling bought. As a happy consequence, we have had two cozonaci with cocoa filling.

What a feeling! What a miracle!

Otherwise, the recipe is plain, with nuts filling, and another possible scenario: with poppy filling. 

In vain we’d tell her about our wish. The recipe from her grand-grandmother is without cocoa filling. Full stop. I know, I know, she’s as flexible as a gymnast on the beam. 

Christmas and Easter 
Sweet Bread
The attached photo is by Lady L., my good friend and soul sister, mother of Gabriel and Eva. A photo sent to me, with love, from the very heart of England. 

May the power of the heart, in the here and now, diminish onto completely abolish the number — of children going hungry to bed, every night.

May there be no more hungry children.
For all of them belong to the Universe and the Universe is abundance.
So why do we have children going hungry to bed, every day?

I love children. As such, I have always gotten involved with children related causes. 

Only that now, being humane, and humanitarian aids need marketing. Can you believe that? Helping other humans, like us, need to be promoted, spoken of...

If only I didn’t have to…

If only we, as humans, were able to provide them all with food. The Universe has got plenty of resources. We know it. We all do.

What’s your cause in the here and now and for 2021? 

Are you planting seeds, taking care of pets or … you name it?

Photo: Lady L, Soul Sister and Mother of Eva and Gabriel

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