Kingdom of Hearts – Damascene Rose

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
The Kingdom of the Heart Is Not Surrendered, Is It?

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In the name of the Rose, of the Damascene Rose, what are virtual petals, if not sheer boats meant to share the power of the word, the magic of the heart, the enlightenment and beauty of Masterminds?

Of writers that is, script writers…

The petals spread and shared as follows:

Excerpt from SCRIPT 🌹

The Kingdom of Heaven by William Monahan 

Early Draft 

"On your feet. 
It is easy to find Jerusalem. You come to where the men speak Italian, and then continue until they speak something else. We go by Messina.


Is it true than in Jerusalem I may erase my sins, and those... of my wife. Is it true? 

Do not be deceived by his chances.

He is in the hands of God. 

I pray the world and Jerusalem can accomodate such a rarity as a perfect knight. 


Kingdom of Heaven

Sibylla: Are you married?

Balian: My wife is dead.

Sibylla: You must have found another.

Balian: When I am ready I imagine I will find her myself. 

Balian: I spoke without knowing who you were.

Sibylla: Would knowing who I am make any difference to the fact that I was wrong?

Balian: No.

Sibylla: I was wrong. I am sorry. (...) Do you fear being with me?

Balian: Yes.

Kingdom of Hearts

Balian: I was.

The King: What was it?

Balian: To be born a hundred yards from where I was born. 

The King: And now?

Balian: Now I am in Jerusalem and look upon a king.

The King: A king may move a man... A father may claim a son...a man may move himself...and then the man begins his own game. Remember whoever you are played, or by whom, that your soul is in your keeping. Even though those who presume to play you be kings. Remember. When you answer to God you cannot say ”I was told it was thus”, or that virtue ”was not the fashion of my times.” Remember. 


Sibylla: I am on my my to Cana. That is where Jesus changed water to wine. A better trick would be to change you to a nobleman.

Balian: In France I used to think that with a few yards of silk I could make an aristocrat of any man, so long as he was useless.

Sibylla:  I could stay here… perhaps not forever…but a little while longer.

Balian: This house is yours.

Sibylla: Why am I here?

Balian: I know that Ibelin is not on the way to Cana.

Sibylla: What else do you know, my lord?

Balian:  I know that you are a princess and that I am no lord.

Sibylla: You are a knight.

Balian: Not proved.

Sibylla: I am here… because in the East…one may decide…because in the East between one person and another there is only light.


Balian: A king may move a man, you said. But the soul, you said, is the man’s.
The king:…Yes.
Balian: You have my love. And my answer.


Tiberius: I play devil but for the salvation of this kingdom. Compromise yourself. 

Balian: No. It is his kingdom, and it is my life. And both are kingdoms of conscience, or nothing.

Balian: If this is God’s kingdom he can dispose of it as he likes. Your brother’s kingdom was here. (Balian touches Sibylla’s heart). 
That kingdom is not surrendered."


Back within the corolla of the Damascene Rose:

The Kingdom of the Heart




is it?

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Photo: from the movie Kingdom of Heaven via Pinterest 

Early Draft  of the script, for educational purpose only.


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