Hello New Year! Let’s Indulge Your Colours, Shall We?

New Year

Hello New Year! Let's Indulge Your Colours, Shall We?

Hello, New Year!

2021 BE. Be as you are. Gentle with our hearts and have us flow within your waves.

To me, 2021, is the Year of Magic. Already. 

Come what may, I am open to everything. And I know 2021 is one of the greatest years of my life for a few reasons.

I feel and am fully aligned within and with my self.

As a matter of fact, I think that I am about to meet my self. Can’t wait!

There are pieces of information on alignment and the benefits it triggers everywhere.

I’d read about it and yet, to be very honest, I wouldn’t fully grasp the meaning of it.

Alignment, alignment. Okay, but what does alignment mean?

I have come to discover alignment means being true to myself on all levels.

Not being surrounded by people I don’t resonate with or I don’t truely like.

Not being connected to projects I am not fully into.

Being in a complete state of flow with life.

Not being attached to anything.

Not having to deal with narcissistic, racist or people I am in cognitive dissonance with. 

Being fully aware of my personal mission, of my objectives.

Not waiting on anyone or any project who is not tuning with my tempo any tiny bit.

With all the choices, people and guys pulling and stretching to get an inch of me, well… this also is no more. Not even a tiny bit, not anymore. Thank God.

Alignment is the stability I have always longed for. And it feels ethereal. 
New Year
I love Red. Can't help it! It's the colour of every New Year.
Definitely, I am wearing red in 2021, too. 
I am peaceful within and with my self as I have never ever been before. 

As if afloat like a feather, and I am — robust. 


Alignment and peace of mind create the perfect setting for what I am already manifesting this year. I have never felt this good within my self. The corolla of the Damascene Rose might have refreshed its dew, perhaps?

My New Year Resolution?

The same as always. Be in the now, stand tall in the very core of my Damascene Rose and create beads of beautiful moments. At least a bead for every petal of the New Year.

That’s how I end and begin every year and every now. 

Creating and recreating “rosaries” is what I do for a living.

You see… Except for my magical childhood, the setting I grew up in was dysfunctional.  A continuous survival mode, mainly. Too bad? Maybe. The moment one steps out of the threshold of their house or even better, the moment one connects with the outer world, what does one encounter: LOVE, PEACE and BALANCE, all the way?

Hence, to me, mindfully and blissfully inhabiting our own being seems to be the basic milestone in creating anything, anything. Or perhaps, everything, everything.

The way I see it, the better we inhabit the Self, the better we feel, the better an outcome we generate. 

As for me, I am inhabiting a brand new corolla amidst a fully regenerated Rose.

How are you inhabiting your Self in 2021?

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