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11 Roses of Intention for 2021

1. Roses…

The basis in my setting any intention is the Rose.

To me, that’s the commencement… everything takes shape in the very core of the corolla.

I have embraced the New Year with roses indoor.

A few days later, I received two bunches of roses, that is 10 roses from the very Heart of the Universe.

As bonus, I received two rose-shaped soap roses too. A pink and a red one, respectively. That is one of my favourite colour matches.

You see, the magic of the rose is working, already.  

I am rosing it!

2. Writing…

I am working on the writing process.

It’s a thrilling adventure. At days, I am in a happy flow. Words come out of the keyboard’s ink as a natural cascade. They follow one and another as a rhythmic dance. 

Other days, I look through my pieces of writing and I… scream within the hollow of myself out of frustration.  That is only to resume writing and to tap the shoulder of myself assuring that “i am doing my best”.

Looking forward to dedicating at least one post, on its own, to writing. 

3. Health and Well-being…

I am walking my way through. Sticking to my walking habits 8-10 km per round.

Still, I am looking forward to generating the space I need to resume my high-intensity workouts.

And swimming! By God, I miss swimming so much.

I’ll make a wish, right over here. 

4. New Projects…

Can’t wait to embark on new projects and make the acquaintance with new people. 

5. Beauty Rituals…

The Covid-19 pandemic has granted me the time to indulge face creams, shea butter, fragrant oils — I am an Oriental, after all, as well as dedicated body wraps. I have been a regular customer of beauty parlours and I have been in the business for almost a decade. Hence, I might have learned a thing or two about beauty treatments. Besides, all of my creams are in accordance with my Skin’s DNA. 

So it’s the perfect time to pamper myself into the best version of myself and walk the year in full glow. 

6. Books…

A suite of books rests on my ready-to-read shelf. I am in no hurry. I’ll be reading each one in good time. Live and cherish every book as and when they choose to share their stories with me. 

7. Charity…

I’d love it to have the opportunities to give more of myself to the Children of the World.

This is one of the reasons I have created this virtual oasis of the Damascene Rose. 

To also send and render rays of love and thoughtfulness to and for the Children of the Universe (especially Yemen and Syria),  even if only via the power of the thought. I hope and believe that I will be able to do much more than that.

8.  Dancing…

2021, I am doing el flamenco with you all the way.

I’ll have more of the core and not so much of the image alone. We have become obssessed with the image and personal branding. The core - I'll have more of that, thank you.

I haven’t danced for a while and honestly, I miss el flamenco. You must know el flamenco stems from the very core: the heart.

What about you? Are you dancing this year? 

9.  ……........
Nine... the number of new beginnings and of ending and starting new cycles.

Nine is the number of renewal and regeneration.

I leave it to the Universe to surprise me in the nicest of ways. 

This year feels like the rose dew. Fully reinvigorating.

Can you feel the new energy?

I have read a lot in the astrological and spiritual news feed, 2021 is the year of changes. Cheers to that!

10. Meeting the sea...

Born in the oasis of Damascus, I miss the sea as if I have never stepped out of it. Who knows? I might have been the wife of a pirate in a past lifetime. 

Only that would explain my longing for the sea, since I was borne in the womb of the Capital of Jasmine and Roses.

And the 11th: Smile and Laugh My Heart Out More in the Now. 
Who are YOU laughing your heart out with in 2021?
Come along… let’s keep it fun. Now close your eyes, make the wish!

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