Hooked On A Response, Waiting Has Never Been So Sweet…


Hooked On A Response, Waiting Has Never Been So Sweet…

These days I am like a wooer awaiting his lady’s “Yes.” answer.

These days I am trying to empathise with gentlemen.

I have never been able to put myself in their shoes in the process of wooing.

In the past, I’d be so nervous and my feelings would race up and down, right and left, unable to focus on anything else but my futile trial to cope with the moment. 

And waiting has never been so sweet.

Empathy! Empathy, my friend, the world needs more of that.

I am trying to. I mean I am doing my very best.

Only that, in the here and now, I am subject to a brand new type of experience. 

On a professional level, what’s new is that I am so heartily and mentally into the product and the system I have been interviewed for that I am hanging on a response.

It would be great to collaborate with people of varied and multicultural backgrounds, again.  To groove on waves of flowing communication.

With professionals of the same "tribe", worldwide. 


A reason unknown, my professional experience with gentlemen business professionals in Romania is very little. What I stumbled into was something like “I pull answers out of you” instead of “let’s communicate and see what we may jointly create”, “I interfere and try to lead your business system”. 

“Gigele, why are you spending energy on introducing your feet (this is a Romanian phrase!) of control and intrusiveness into my business? It’s my system! Hence it is out of your jurisdiction.”

I guess I have had difficulties in understanding such “Romanianisms”. After all, I wasn’t borne or born here, in Romania. I'd love it to write on this cognitive dissonance some time soon.


Not clinging though. Rather flowing with the respons(es) to come.

 Come what may…

I believe I am to embark on a brand new "surfing" adventure. 

And I am loving it and rosing it, so very much!


In the past, clients, business partners, collaborators would storm in to talk to me.

I remember this one time, I had to leave the hairdresser, hair undried. A family had decided to come over, earlier than established, for testing. 

I’d always be on the run, on the “make it happen” before yesterday.

That’s no tempo, of course.

Now give me a beat, give me a heartbeat. That’s more like it!

In the past, I’d be the one so much wanted by the opposite sex. Married men, unmarried men, players, lovers, “shiers”, all the fan of personalities would try to invade, by all means.

I’d hide my “I am” behind the thick walls of my being. Till the "interstellars" and the "mooners" decided to come on over, melting the walls into a clover.  A sign of good luck, don’t you think?

Hence, I am hooked on a response and waiting has never been so sweet.

Cheers to this lovely new experience... to me.

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