The Power of Intention amidst the Damascene Rose

the power of  intention

The Power of Intention

Intention… and the power which lies within.

Everything starts with setting an intention. Doesn’t it?

I am going to call her to…

I can’t wait to meet him to…

Or I am starting this project because I want to make the world a better place, to provide better services or I just want to get rich.

Your intention, your wish.

I want to take up new classes for...

I am having this product sold no matter what.

Damascene Rose came about to tell stories of true love, heritage and  life. To sing and keep alive the memory of Damascus.
As we speak, I am writing this post to convey the importance of setting our intention(s) at and with every beginning. 

Presence starts with intention.
Prayers are intention.
Mindfulness and listening are intention.
Letting go of everything only to recluse into the now is an intention. 

Intention… the three Ws: Why… When… and Where…?

Intention… the basis of everything.  

Simply put, it is the question I have been asked many times along my journey: “What’s your plan?”

That’s how the gentleman, Mr Fix It, set the intention “What’s your plan?”

Get on a plane, get married by the seashore and have one or two child/ren with another man.

Between you and me, I chose to keep silent whenever faced with that question. 

the power of  intention

In my turn, in the past decade I have asked several times: “What’s your intention?” in due timing.

“Why are calling me?” 
“Why did you propose in the first place?” 
“What do you want, what do you expect from our encounters? ”

Every time, without any exception, gentlemen of A+++ profile (educated, financially strong, smart, sensible, business and team leaders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, physicians) would look at me SMITTEN.

The answer I’d receive would be dumb silence.

Where — we are gathered here today for a business collaboration.

Where — I’d be the one wooed! So what’s your intention, why are you wooing me, “habibi”?

And where I come from, the relationship, in terms of physicality, starts the moment there is a clear intention.

The Damascene code of manners is tribal. I have said it before. It resembles the code of manners in the South of Italy or the codes of honour the Scottish clans have. 

It's not I give you all of me and then you think of it, dear gentleman, should you care to call me, want me again or care to express your intention.

Sultans express their intentions. Loud and clear.

Say we are in Europe or anywhere on the globe, still you are to set an intention, aren’t you?

A coffee. A one nightstand. Perhaps, a relationship? I call you for the second coffee. Or I want to make pancakes with you on the ceiling.


Or let's be business partners.

My intention is this!
What's so difficult in expressing an intention, after all?

I don’t mean to play it the feminist in here. I speak for myself: maybe I don’t wish to have so many coffees. I am not genetically coded to feel for many.  

Needless to say that I have been told endless times that I am "complicated", of a very "niche" profile etc. And yes, if I can barely stand to have a coffee...

Simply put, I must be in an energetic alignment with the person to have that blessed coffee. 

As an adaptation of JLo's song goes: Energy don't lie a thing. Neither does intention.

In Romania, seeing Aladdin on his magical carpet could be easier than hearing a crystal clear intention. For anything and everything.

So what’s your intention?


Isn’t it the same with business meetings?

“Dear team, let’s zoom next week at 1 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to…”

Say the objective, the intention of the marketing department is to…


Why is it so difficult to set an intention?

Or is it that we don’t know what we want from our lives?

If anything, this pandemic has forced us to inhabit our beings, more than ever. 

That’s why divorce rates may have increased.  

That’s why people may have changed their careers or the route of their life. 

Or people have performed even more and better during the pandemic, sticking to their route. Because they were fully grounded in their path. 

The pandemic has had us face our selves, our wishes and our feelings. Has had us go back to the roots of our being.

In my case, I have been in alignment with the timing of the pandemic. I needed to take a break from everything and, as inappropriate as it may sound, this time off has worked magic for me.

I have needed to rest heart, mind, and spirit, like I need oxygen.

Sooner or later, life has its bizarre ways of having us meet with our intention.
Should we not listen to the information conveyed by our heart or soul, one sweet day, the unset intention knocks on the door of unfulfilled wishes. It forces us to listen to the beat of our soul. As the saying goes: you can run, but you cannot hide.

It can’t be stopped. It can’t be hindered. The power of intention is there to stay until it is set.

Until you tell the Universe loud and clear: “This is my intention. I want to…” make no mistake, you will be nudged into as many detours as you need, only to surrender and listen to your inner beat. 

I’ll tell you my intention: I intend to manifest what lies in the alignment of the puzzle of my life. 

All excess dropped off, there remains what is: I AM. 

I have been working on this alignment for a decade. So how about you wished me “good luck”?

What’s your biggest intention in the now and for 2021?

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