Simona Halep’s Strong Message: “Never, Ever Give Up!”

Simona Halep

Simona Halep’s Message: “Never, Ever Give Up!”

What a match!

Have you watched it? Have you seen Simona’s magical “recovery”?

Man, that was such an enthralling battle.

I am into tennis. I don’t watch all the matches though. However, I stay tuned with the important annual tournaments and, usually, watch the semifinals and finals. That is when Halep isn't playing.

From Steffi Graf to Sampras, and back to Halep, I love the white sport. 

It’s complex, strategic and pretty simple: intense physical training backed by mental strength and full awareness lead to winning, eventually. 

Today, Simona played against Ajla Tomljanovic, at the Australian Open.

It’s the 3rd set, one game from being ruled out of the tournament.
One player stays, the other goes. Who is it going to be?
Simona Halep had lost the first set: 4-6, only to win the second one: 6-4.
Stretching her limits to maximum, she plays one of her magical recoveries, once again. 

Battling with the game, she recovers and recovers. She has had us accustomed to this.

But today’s match was different. 

It was spectacular!

Both players pushed their limits to the extreme and had to fight fiercely and with all their capabilities, in the moment, to win every single match point. Turn by turn, as the match went on.

Simona Halep

Coincidence or not, the timing of the tournament during the worst war/pandemic since WWII, and their fight to win the match has made me smile. 

Interesting timing!

The fight for survival versus the fight to qualify for the third round of the Australian Open. 
An enthralling battle, millisecond by millisecond. Breathtaking and pulse racing.

Most of us must have been touched by the incredible boost of adrenaline. I know I have.


Another coincidence is that last night, I dreamt of it, indirectly.

In the dream, I was spending my time with a crowd of people. I went to the kitchen, opened the cupboard. Two bars of chocolate opened to my eyes. A small one, with a creme packaging, read AUSTRALIA, in capital letters. I took it secretly out and placed it in my backpack. The other one, a bar of giant black chocolate filled with cream, I took it to share it with everyone. 


Who knows? It could be a premonition of Simona Halep winning the Australian Open? 

We shall see…

Simona Halep has won today’s match. Thank God. Thank her resilience.

To my eye, Halep’s game reverberated: 

  • 100% awareness 
  • 100% resilience
  • directing the adrenaline rush into a constructive strategy
  • an intense drive to win the match
  • incredible mental and physical strength

Far from me playing the tennis analyst or the connoisseur, I’ve shared this post for it seems as if  Halep was talking to me, too. I have felt it, right over here , her message: “Never, ever give up!”

“I was not that positive when I was talking to myself,” admitted Halep. “Mentally, I think I was a little bit stronger and I wanted to, I had the desire to win the match and I didn’t want to give up.”


Halep’s game seemed to yell: “It’s not over until it’s over.” 

Alongside two great tennis players, we, the viewers got to live, millisecond by the millisecond, the struggle for every ball exchange, and every match point. An enthralling battle to win the match!

Isn’t it so in our daily life, too? Fail or win, it is becoming of us to give it our best shot. 

Should we haven’t reached the finish line yet, well, then the game isn’t over, my dearest.

The show must go on. 


Thank you, Lady Halep, for the enchantment and for the encouragement. I have felt it, right over here.

God bless you  and good luck with the matches to come. 


"Never, ever give up" — Simona Halep 

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