A Different Kind Of Me Toos Add Up to the Beads of the Valentine Rose

A different kind of me too

A Different Kind Of Me Toos Add Up to the Beads of the Rose


Me too. Only that, I am thinking a different kind of #metoo. I have received roses, too. I have been complimented, too. A delicious box of chocolate flew its way from the West to the post office in Bucharest. Love letters mailed their way to her door. The gentleman in the coffee shop had taken care of the bill. I'd staggered and lost my balance, in surprise, when the waiter told me so. A story to tell some other time.

There can be me toos for the beauty of moments, as well. Don't you think?

 Why don't they start such an awareness campaign, say on Valentine's Day, to speak of the magic gentlemen create, too?
 Why don't they promote the importance of having a loving man's shoulder to lean on, too?
 And why does the "world" not speak more of the beauty and spontaneity residing in gentlemen's compliments and jokes? Of how that makes us, ladies, feel energized, or emotionally pampered, after hours spent working out, on makeup, working or simply being?
It could be a way to turn things around. It could! Via messages meant to create me toos of roses, magic and laughter.



He told her: 

“You are sheer Grace!”

“I believe my heart has spoken to your heart already."

“You are a Dream!”

“Your ass is … What did he say?” I don’t remember. I remember “This is a compliment." And then "something about it.”

“I am seeing your name everywhere."

“Because the universe is nothing but the mirror of your heart!”

“I’d write the poem of you on the canvas of your heart.”

And she added the beautiful compliments to the beads of the rosary. The rose receives the beauty of the moment. Every beautiful “me too” is encrypted in her memory. For beauty has its ways... Lovely moments know no boundaries. They flow and flood through. 

Some soul connections bond in the physical realm, as well. Some don’t. The magic in the moment — endures.

Happy Lovely Heres and Nows!
A different kind of me too

Stay Loved  Stay Magical 


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