The Magic Of Love Transforms The Energy of The Now


The Magic Of Love Transforms The Energy of The Now 

Love. How does love feel for you, to you and within you?

I for one am afloat in this whirlwind of the rose, pulling me in.
No clue do I have of the destination yet.
The energy feels so near and it is pulling me in. 

As for the signs of the Universe: 2. Number 2 has been following me all over the place.

Even today, as I crossed the crosswalk, a red H car stopped allowing me to pass.

I walked my way when a bigger red H car passed me by the sidewalk.

Same brand, same colour, different sizes.

And I am thinking out loud: Why two? Why two?  It is not just today.

This synchronicity has been following me around for the past 4 months or so…

Like oxygen to the lungs… like the rose dew to my mornings and like the Sun to the Sky. 

You should know by now that I cannot breathe unless I am connected to the Holiness of the Rose.

I have asked Her for guidance on every bead of Her Magical Rosary. For this is -- way out of my league: 1, 2, 3, 4... I have asked Mother Mary to guide me through.

And I have come to believe that I am a proficient alchemist. 

Not only the "pink sheep" of the family, but also a proficient alchemist. 

I like to think that I practice lovemaking to the now, as a way of living. It must be a consequence of the essences of jasmine and roses I had inhaled back Home, as a little girl, in Damascus. I shall make sure that I share every bit of the fragrance with the world, as well as with the Family of Souls.

And yes. I have been busy… I have.

Damascus, habibti, open up your gates for me.

The energy feels here already. I am being pulled in.

Afloat in the whirlwind of the petals of roses … 

Can’t wait to see where You’ll have me planted this time.

Soon before long...

Tell me, my darling دمشق Dimashq, which path was marked mine when the clock struck 11:11:11? 

Photo: Eman Tello via Cafe Levant - London 

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