Once upon a time, one of those little pleasures of my life had been going to the nail bar.
Yes, Sire. I am talking about having my nails done.

Manicure is by far one of the basic beauty pampering rituals we, ladies, willingly subject our nails to. Isn’t it so, dear ladies?

Oh, but dear gentlemen, for me it hasn’t been only a must-have nail beauty routine.

It goes without saying that a Lady ought to have a neat hand look.

Yet to me, it has also been sheer therapy. 

A colour therapy to heal from the ruthlessness of sapiens. 

The business scene out there can be quite tough for a lady.

Careful now! You don’t want to step on somebody’s huge ego, although you are resting your self in the shadows.

Caught in between projects and an infinite pile of demands, I’ve had a ritual of my own.

I’d go to the hairdresser to socialise and escape the routine. 

Not that kind of socialising though. I wouldn’t divulge the secrets of the Damascene Rose.  

Rather, I’d play with colours and the nail lacquer texture, and chit chat. 

Whilst travelling my anxieties, or walking in the sweet embrace of the seashore, I’d enjoy the playfulness and vivacity of the nail colours, under the rays of the sun. 

Never have I imagined, not even for a second, the day would come for me to crave having a manicure, and a pedicure.

Not even once, have I imagined I’d look at other lady’s hands and think to myself: “Man, lovely nails she has got! The Lady has got the manicure.”

This had happened prior to the state of pandemic. 

You see, my soul cracked open in 2018. And so did my gut. And followingly, my nails gave up on me, too. You tell me about it, the very last drop. 

I still can’t go to the nail bar because my nails haven’t recovered. I tend to them, myself. 

Rest assured a troll I am not.


Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. Eckhart Tolle

The last traces of puss left by “the invaders” had to find the way out, somehow?

Hence my nails couldn’t survive the pressure and cracked.

Thank God, I have made it only with this bruise. Thank God, for at least 1001 times. It could have been much worse. My gut is infinitely better. If anything, my gut has restored its capacities.

And I can’t complain. How could I?

Given the ravages and sufferance the Covid-19 pandemic and the bloody war have caused, worldwide.


Have you noticed?

When one is being successful, people will demand even more of them. And then more. And more.

Because I have come to understand that for sapiens nothing is ever enough.

So I let sapiens be.

And I am.


As somebody once told me” You shine too much.”
"Do I, now?"

And so do the bottles of nail lacquer.

I’d align them. Play with them. Cherish their colours and the moment of time for myself.

Sometimes, we’d have 3 nails “painted” in a colour, and the other two in a different colour. Or, have the second nail painted, differently.

Always playing the hybrid mode of imagination’s guitar, whilst going to the hairdresser has been the sweetest of escapes.

Hand nails are important. They represent our “presentation card” as ladies.

Be it a business meeting, or a new acquaintance of a fine gentleman, hands are very important.

Psychologically speaking, we, ladies, need that manicure. Even when we go to the grocery store.

I can’t go have a manicure. Not because of the pandemic. My nails are still fragile and ill.

From an aesthetic point of view, I have bought two pairs of gloves, a while ago. One pair of black lace, and the other one of coral-orange material.

Medically speaking, my nails are still under treatment. Maybe alongside the medical treatment, they need the waves of the sea? Or, a new species of rose balm, perhaps?

My nails are better than a couple of years ago. After seeing more than four dermatologists, I have encountered the right one, eventually. It cost me quite a great deal of money, time and frustration. It surely did. And yet — I have learned only the medical cause of it.

If you ask me, I believe my soul got very ill and had to release that away. The pressure was unbearable. Thus, my nails cracked.


At present, I can’t apply or have nail lacquer applied to them.

The next time I will be having a manicure, by God, my nails shall display the best of canvas for the colour brush. I am going to have that manicure like I mean it.

First things first, guess what colour I’ll be opting for?

Yes, passionate red. I will be enjoying every drop of that brush on my nails.

Moreover, I will be very happy to watch my red manicured nails.

That should feel quite miraculous!

Yes. Life can be so full of bizarre contrasts.

As colourless and cracked as my nails might be, at present, my life is tinged with all the colours of the rainbow palette. The highest, deepest and loveliest of sentiments are bringing in the symphony of roses, back to me.


The skies have cracked open, for me.
They surely have.
And that’s — great news.

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