Statistics on Humanity with N.D. Walsch on SHABBA RANKS


Good day, Monday! 

Have yourself a great week, dearest reader.

Let’s groove, shall we?

Shabba ranks is the mix:

Mr Loverman…  Shabba! 
Mr Loverman…  — Shabba!

Oh man — play your rhythm.

DJ Universe, bring it on us, in the mix.

I am twirling and whirling around the rectangular table in our dining room, doing the Shabba Mix Dance.

Imagine something in-between el flamenco and dancing with ma Lady - Keaira Lashae.

Something very “Mondaylicious”.

Do you remember the time — when we first...?

Do you remember the time — when we enjoyed life for the sake of enjoying it?

If not during the Golden Age of Humanity, maybe during a Past Lifetime?

Grooving, I got the feeling of changing the realm.

Of descending into the realm of Humanity and scratching the disk for some statistics on Humanity with “Mr Humanityman”:

Look what I have learnt indulging the statistics conveyed through Mr Neale Donald Walsch’s Pen in his book “God’s Message to the World - You’ve Got Me All Wrong”:

842 million people are short of food, namelu 1/8 persons is short of food 
650 children die from hunger every hour 
20,9 million women and children are subject to xxxxxx trafficking 
3 billion of persons live with less than 2,5 USD per day
Billions of people don’t have access to medical services 
(Every day, around 19 000 children die from malaria, diarrhea or pneumonia - all diseases which 
CAN be prevented)
1,7 billion people don’t have access to tap water 
2,6 billion people do not have access to elementary sanitary conditions 
1,6 billion people (a third of Globe’s population live without electricity)

I wonder how many of us are out of LOVE.

Have you ever starved from the need to feel a drop or several drops of Unconditional LOVE?

Along the way, I have collected

petals of love,

in my bucket of roses.

I don’t know about you, I for one find these figures an insult to us, as a Human Race.

With all the medical, scientific, and je ne sais quoi of innovation and inventions Sapiens has been up to, our gray matter does not help us or enable us to aid our neighbours -- MORE or say, A TINY BIT? It strikes me as inconceivable, and it is a subject I would like to tackle some other time. For instance, I am swimming in the ocean of cognitive dissonance, trying to assimilate even if only a tiny drop of understanding “How can a female deliver a baby or even babies into the world and be a soulless bitch towards her own blood sister? Or not wish well for another female human being, since she's a mum?

How can she not think of other children, too? Ok,  not help the entire planet, because it might not be possible. Yet extend some support, of any kind, to one child alone, perhaps?

By increasing the drops of humanity, we increase — considerably, the chance to turn them into a lake, if not an ocean. 

Thankfully, there are many public persons, as well as persons we never hear of, extending a helping hand to families in need. From Angelina Jolie, to Bon Jovi and Brad Pitt, and many more, to Andrea Bocelli whose “Water Truck” project --

 I quote from his FB page: Andrea Bocelli Foundation guarantees free access to drinking water every day to more than 400,000 people, in the slum of Citè Soleil in Haiti, considerably improving the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the local communities, limiting the transmission and spread of infections and reducing the risk of death from dehydration in children and the elderly.

I step into the groove of humanity, where I choose not to be blind to the problems of the community I live in.

The help we can give away can be under endless shapes and forms.

From donations to literally giving a helping hand, or healing wounds or trauma by heartily spreading generous splashes of Unconditional Love.

I for One believe that I have been a Healer, both on a micro and a macro level. Both within my nuclear and extended blood family, and for my Soul tribe, and humans out there. 

Also, I have given away — as much as I can, Petals of Love and Humanity for the Children of the World.

Maybe some donations too, every once in a while.

Okey, it's not ladylike to talk about donations given away. A Lady ought to help without saying it. And yet -- this post is about helping "the other". Hence I must promote these acts of kindness. For there is no "other". There is only ONE and hence the ONEness to live as beautifully as we can on lovely Terra. With the alarming figures aforementioned, it seems we haven't been able to beautifully live on Terra.

Elie Saab @Couture Fall 2016

Let's rejoin the Groove of Humanity with Shabba Ranks:

“I'm headed straight” for the door

To share some more

“I'm not gonna take it easy

You won't get away tonight

The vibe that's flowing through me

Makes me feel alright


You keep say you full up of action

Now is the chance to show me emotion…

(We) have waited for so looong,

You’d better come on strong:

Mr Loverman — Shabba!

Show your emotions, Humanityman.


Show your emotions of Humanity,

out there…

And — I go, I go, I go.
I kno(w), I kno(w), I knoo(w) — I come from a Rose, the Damascene Rose.

And I shall forever and always connect to You, dearest Mystical Rose.

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