Damascene Rose — Breathing in Romanticism with Nizar Qabbani

Nizar Qabbani
Dearest Queen of the Rosary,
Within your corolla of the Rose, allow me to breathe in the genius of the Syrian poet - Nizar Qabbani.
And all related nuances of romanticism, no doubt.
After all, Nizar Qabbani is by right the Poet of Love. 
Hence how about we got romantic with Nizar Qabbani’s pen. 
Shall we? 

Nizar Qabbani himself and a glimpse at the interior garden of his house,

bach Home, in Damascus

"I hadn’t told them about you, 

But they saw you bathing in my eyes.

I hadn’told them about you,

But they saw you in my written words,

The perfume of love cannot be concealed. "

Nizar Qabbani, Syrian Poet of Love_
في حلمي انت لي...
 في واقعي انت حلمي 
"In my dream, you are mine...
And in reality, you are my dream." 

The perfume of love cannot be concealed...

How could it be concealed?

LOVE has the highest vibration in the universe.

It feels, it smells, it reverberates, it shines and glows, and it painkills away any trace of toxicity or negativity.

Writers and poets beautifully express her magic through the power of storytelling and lovemaking to words.

And again, LOVE transcends them, too.

For — Love is unstoppable in Her way.

She floods.

Melts down walls.

Burns down bridges. 

Everything surrenders to her magic.

Flowers bloom.

Hearts open their gates in surrender.

The being blossoms under Her touch.

The animus and anima merge — as One.

Love is fragrant, so fragrant that its perfume transcends the high vibration of the purest of rose essential oils scaled at 320Mhz. Tgat's the highest vibrational frequency substance in the field of essential oils. How could it be any different?

Roses = are LOVE.

Whilst stories are woven around it, Love — cannot be concealed.

It is sensed, felt, identified, experienced.

It springs into life's scene!

Hence it cannot and will not be concealed.

"Where shall I take you?

Where shall you take me

when all the cafes have

memorised our faces

and all the hotels registered

our names

and all the sidewalks

recollected the rhythms of our feet?

We are exposed to the world

like a seaward balcony,

visible like two golden fish

in a crystal container."

— Nizar Qabbani, A Woman Moving Within Me

دمشق القديمه
Nizar Qabbani
That’s a sincere confession:

I loved many before you, and I’ll see many after you, and I met many when I was with you, but you are outside of the geometry of repetition.

— Nizar Qabbani

And since LOVE is so valuable a source of love in itself, make sure you take good care of your heart. Your heart is dear and precious.

Don’t love deeply, till you make sure that the other part loves you with the same depth, because the depth of your love today, is the depth of your wound tomorrow.

— Nizar Qabbani (1923-1928)

Our rosary boat is afloat.
Everything feels smooth and carefree.
You Light my path,
He who shall be…

Had I told the sea

What I feel for you,

It would have left its shores,

Its shells,

Its fish,

And followed me.

— Nizar Qabbani, In the Summer


The Abdullah Bin Rawa7A Mosque 

Bab Musala neighbourhood, Damascus

"I said nothing
to the woman I loved
but gathered
love's adjectives into a suitcase
and fled from all languages."

—  from the poem Language

The sea foams caress my feet,
Heart's Ark from here shall flee,
You and Me,
in the forever now,
My truest Self —
of all lifetimes.

"What would the world have been if we had not been
If your eyes had not been, what would the world have been?"

—  from the poem A Brief Love Letter

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