Words Stemmed from The Oven, Damascus


Words Stemmed from The Oven, Damascus with Damascene Rose

Fire of the oven…
Fire is the beat,
Incremental in heat!

It’s not what he says.

It’s how he says it. 

How words utter themselves into a gentle song.

A warm mantle caresses me through.

Sentiments… sun rays of Damascus embrace too.

I have always been in love with words.

I hang on every word. 

Not so much on what is said, rather, on how it is being said.

How it comes out… from the oven.

I can’t help it!

I love words. 

And I … for soft-spoken hearts.

It’s not his saying “Wazzup, Beautiful?”.

It’s how it makes its way through from the oven.

Butter on bread caliente.

El calor de tu alma y ya! 

Nada mas...

El calor te viene del corazón

un jardín de rosas.

Una sonrisa en mi cara,

el alma una mariposa,

un abrazo  fuerte…

The rapture lingers within the words

baked in the oven

of the Soul.

The sparkle of his soul 

make-up for the eyelids,

illuminating drops,

Soul glow

Everybody has forsaken us but God

Butter bread,

Romanian cherry,

Damascene Vanilla Ice Cream,

melted berry 

Wishing for caliente 

Oven turned words into movimiente,

Vibrant jasmine —

The heart smiles

Sunny rays —

The soul shines

Roses petals —  

The magic of the moment far from little

Rose jam —

Honey the voice

Rose balm to the ears —

The song of his voice

a soft Damascene breeze,

 Jasmine is Damascus...

Unique summers. 

Her Sun is here.

Her Smile is back.

Her Heart a little ripple,

Jasmine the fragrance,

words baked in the oven …

Wishful thinking to meet the vibrant self,

when least expected, the heart met the oven.

Fire turned impossible possible,

Roses united in one garden,

She couldn’t help feeling.

A fragrant ripple

Jasmine drops from the Sky

Dripping miracles —

Rose sweet,

I rest my waiting on the bench…
while the Divine Response is being baked — 
in the oven

Photo: Damascus the Soul 2

شام الروح٢ 


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