Back to Roots … I Find My Indigo Self in an Esmeralda Mood


Back to Roots … I Find My Indigo Self in an Esmeralda Mood

I Found My Indigo Self in an Esmeralda Mood, on the Street called A Wonderful Spring in Bucharest.

And it was time I returned to the roots.

And when I went back to the roots, other humans of the Garden of Roses joined in.

From Damascus to the USA, Switzerland and other countries, we, the old gang of Al Jazeera went back to the roots. 

The magnetism of the seeds father had sown in our garden back Home, in Damascus, drew in the inhabitants of the Garden of Roses — as scattered as we are nowadays, one by one.

We’ve all had enough of consumerism. 

Of body cult and excessive materialism.

Dry times compared to the ’80s.

Dry in terms of heart warmth.

Some of us, ladies, got married.

And couldn’t adapt to what the male of the now is.

You see… we have our gentlemen fathers as examples. The Shami Gentleman... 

Gentlemen for having a loving and vibrant heart.

Gentlemen for being true to their authenticity.

For being soft-spoken and well-mannered.

And since we exist, and there is the magic of this bubble, we might have had a hard time coping with the world outside.

Good news! 

There is a wave of New Humans, amongst us.

It brings with it a brand new dimension of Star Gentlemen for their Star Ladies.

Dear reader, you must be a Star Lady, or a Star Gentleman, since you are here paying Damascene Rose a visit.

The “spiritual literature” speaks of the star children, falling stars from all over the Universe to help  Terra uplift Her energy, vibration, and frequency. Allegedly, star children are mainly born in 1970, with peaks in 1980 and 1990.

I was born in 1982. 

A thorough post is to be dedicated to this subject in good timing.

Moreover, the “spiritual literature” groups these Star Seeds into indigo, crystal (1990 - 2010) and rainbow children (still in toddler stage). According to this classification, I am an indigo child. And I  relate 100% with the main traits this literature which I have called “spiritual literature” speaks of:


    sprinkles the mind.


         bursts the spirit. 


                    feels the soul.


                        touches the heart.

Not necessarily an introvert, rather a withdrawn into my self, to protect myself from the negativity and narcissism of the world. 

In the past couple of years, I have been soul journeying a lot. And I have activated the red thread of the hearts connected to mine. As soon as I have felt READY, I have pulled them all in, into the rosary.

Gratefully, my soul tribe consists of many stars. Of all colours and nationalities. Of all age groups, 40 + youngsters included. To my belief, a liaison and the transfer of knowledge amongst generations is what makes best progress. Transfer heritage, rely on the wisdom of experience, add-up star seeds, generate change. What do you think of this magical formula?

And I know, with all my heart, that I have always

“wished upon a star,
To follow where you are.”

And it is going to be a roller-coaster of an adventure, baby! The roller-coaster...

I myself resonate with being a “Child of Her Sun”.

You should know by now that whenever I want to activate anything, I go back to the roots, the Rosa Damascena.

Back to the roots had me die my hair in one colour.

It used to have two colours or several colours.

I believe the hairdresser literature calls it balayage.

Hence I went back to the roots and died it a dark chestnut which is my hair colour by birth.

I am fair-skinned, a trademark of the family.

My lady cousins have fairer skin though.

Haven’t exposed to the physical sun as much as I have… Nevertheless, we all expose ourselves to the rays of the Spiritual Sun.

Playing and dancing the Esmeralda mode, the flocks of hair went darker, with a tinge of bluish hue toward the ends. The libstick red or fuchsia, beneath the mask. No hoop earrings though.

One has got to add the brush of life to it.

Fuchsia helps me breathe in life, underneath the mask.

For the love of God, fuchsia saves the day.

Back to roots — damask wraps my shoulders within its shawl and walks my Esmeralda mode on the streets of spring, in Bucharest.

And I can hear a voice coming from within:

"How can you know what you're capable of if you don't embrace the unknown?" — Esmeralda Santiago

And the voice intensifies:

"How can I embrace what's falling from the skies for me, if I don't let myself whirl into the unknown of the moment?"

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