The Ascending Stairways — Al Ma’arij


The Ascending Stairways — Al Ma'arij

With every prayer I send towards the Skies,

Glittery glowing glow

Starry Soul, Starry Soul, Starry Soul.


The remembrance of You,

The voice of  You,

Forever more.


A moment is no more.

Only it is.

Giving away the moment -

It remains.

The moment remains.


Your voice speaking of the dialogue 
you are having with God --
that is… magical! 


And she ascends, she ascends, she ascends,

on the stairways,

Reaching out her hand to you,

from the balloon.


It’s Ramadan and with every prayer,

she is closer on the stairways of Al Ma'arej.

Her soul rises, and rises, and rises

amidst the flow of your soul.


The starry blanket of you,

Stairway to Heaven — 

Soul pool,

everlasting waves come and come.

Ebb and flow,

the waves go


The reflection of your soul,

fireflies amidst the sea waves.

Will I hear your voice again,

the soul wonders?

Constellation 11:11:22
I’d dive myself in the sea of you,
I’d lose myself into my truest self,
1001 times

Only to watch the Light of your glowing dimples,

two diamonds on the sky,

one more time...


Hilal met the Moon,

Side by side,

Watching over the sea of infinite.

The boat is drawing near and

Lady Faith asks Mr Hope "What now?".


Holding to her prayers she flows,

she flows amidst the Ocean of Faith,

During the Holy Month of Ramadan —

Ramadan Al Karim,

The Month of Mercy.


Ya Rab,

Have mercy on our soul!

Ya Rab,

Have mercy on us all!

Ya Rab,

bless him and bless his journey,

He is an Interstellar 

Above us, humans,

below, the Ascended Masters,

he is.


An Interstellar!

The Queen of the Skies

sent him through

Every moment of magic —



On the stars of the sky

I pledge my blessing,

to you...

My self to self,

One heart,

united the Earth and the Skies,

Al Samawati Wal Ardd.

Arabian nights,

Arabian magical nights


Oh, You — sweetest Miracle of Ramadan!


Oh, you — Miracle of the Sky,

Carpet of rosy stars

attached to my cells —

Soul glow

Rose soul

Soul you

Celestial you!

And I pray. I pray. Oh, I pray to ascend on the silvery stairways as high as the Heights of your soul, all through the roof of the Skies to bid you:

Ramadan Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem!

Starry Soul, Starry Soul, Starry Soul!
And I ascend with Surat Al-Ma'arij -- The Ascending Stairways:

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