The Light of the Prophet visited cryogenic Rose

Starry Soul

The Light of the Prophet Muhammad visited cryogenic Rose

The Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Prayer Be Upon Him.

His Majestic Light visited the glass dome of cryogenic rose, last night.

I had a dream in which I "saw" the Prophet.

I can’t put into words the feeling of Divine… and waking up to this Majestic Infusion of Light... of Peace... and Bliss.

Today, the Holy Friday for Muslims, around the world, during Ramadan.

Today, Friday morning is unique, to say the least, for me.

The cells of my being feel replenished.

I am flowing.

Not suspended, rather, in a New Dimension, I am.

A brand new Dimension.

The Spiritual literature is speaking of it, more and more: the 5th Dimension of Positive emotions and High vibrations. In one word: LOVE versus arid scorching dry desert - the 3rd Dimension.

And the Prophet (PBUH) has visited me, in my dream, last night.



I didn’t feel OK, yesterday.

All-day long.

I had to connect to the Divine, intention-ally, to come into my senses.

I’d had two more rough days. After a cycle of 11 years of patience fasting.

My mind had put some pieces of the puzzle of my life together, and I felt helpless.

It was me and still, not me, who had generated those gifts for the children of the world.

There had been a redirection of the e-mailing system. And… although I have been the volunteer and the PR behind it, upon connecting the dots, I… it literally blew my mind. It blew my mind… and it shattered... This is your dish, lord of in(coherence). This is what you’re good at, shattering.

I must have developed this profound allergy and intolerance to your shadow trying to control the course of life. A shadow... in the past. Someone I don't know. Someone trying to pop out of a box "I remember you not". Almost 10 years ago...

The feel of being followed.

And do I know you? Answer: I don't.

Do I want to? Answer: terrified at the very thought of it.

I am writing this in case you are here, as we speak.

I can’t and won't digest this extreme remote control sense of possession, and control.

Life is to be lived, flown with, not controlled. And so is LOVE. And so is HUMANITY. Don't you think, dear reader?

His interventions are against the very principles of the Universe.

Nu faci bine ce faci.

Imi zicea ea: Pe el nu il intereseaza -- ce iti doresti tu. Doar ce vrea el.

Undeva, candva prin Evul Mediu?

Gandesc eu: Pe mine nu ma intereseaza ce isi doreste el. E viata mea. Un dar de la Bunul Dumnezeu. 

Starry Soul

Thank you, for bearing with me, dear reader.

And I’d cried almost all day long, yesterday.

I couldn’t help it.

"Hidden" tears, though.

Tears of frustration, tears of "go away", tears of… God may You intervene, at once.

I took myself to  Cismigiu Gardens.

Couldn’t walk. My soul felt dry. I felt helpless.

Peace of mind is important. Can't be bought, nor borrowed.

My eyes rested on this painting: a table in a cafe sided by colourful tulips.

I allowed my self dive into the beauty of it.

Hence I sat at that table, in awe meditation. After 15 minutes of this, I was already feeling better.

Much better. Time elapsed.

And last night, the Light of the Prophet came through.

After an 11-year Patience Fasting, the Light of the Prophet, in the dream, filled the pores of my being.


Fares, my best friend in crime, once told me that:

“I might be mistaken, you seem to have this glass screen around you.”

Five years later, the painter of words once spoke to me of the redness of the cryogenic rose.

Yes, it seems that I have been -- under the glass dome.

And yet, what is a dome of glass when faced with the Divine Light and Might?

What is a dome of glass when … LOVE is?

And today I woke up late.

I wouldn’t let go of the moment. I tried to extend my stay in the realm of dream.
The rays of Light of the Prophet (PBUH) coming into the dome of glass.
The red rose.
And then seeing Mecca … followed by Ka’aba.
Glorious. Magical. Unbelievable. Ethereal.
I was there.  I was seeing His Holy Light and the Ka’aba,
in front of my eyes.
No sooner had I woken up, than I grabbed my pen and written down the dream, in my Dream Journal.

Nowadays, I have connected even more to His Light, the Light of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

I am reading more of and on His Life and Teachings.

For I can’t take for granted, what the media speaks of.

And I can’t take for certain, what people believe.

And I can’t inherit beliefs. I'd rather create my belief based on the seed of Truth.

I must read for myself. Go as closest as possible to the seed of  Truth.

Discover! Get acquainted with!

Dive into the Code of Light of the Holy Qu-ran — the Recitation.

Receive the information and then, very soon, share the Inspiration, right over here, amidst the Corolla — of the Damascene Rose.

For now, it’s Holy Friday, it’s Jum3a Mubaraka — indeed.

Silvery are the stairways to Heaven…

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