A Prayer, within Hassan 2 Mosque, in Casablanca

Hassan 2 mosque

"Dear Creator, You, the borderless
sea of substance, we ask you to give to all the
world that which we need most—Peace."

Maya Angelou from "Prayer" Poem.

Ya Rab!
Majestic Infinity,
may there be no beginning and no end,
to the Source -- of
Peace, Faith and Love
And I plunge, I plunge, oh, I plunge into the Sea!

A Prayer, within Hassan 2 Mosque, in Casablanca

I Feel Drawn To You,


like foam to the salty waves.

Have our hearts danced,

to the song of the waves,

by the shores of Morocco,

face to face?

I feel infinitely drawn to You,

Mosque Hassan II,

an early prayer meets the break of dawn.

The rays of Faith shine through

under the Might of the Sun,

All the waves of us, believers,

ebb and flow to You,

with every Azan,

five times a day.

Can you imagine the grandeur of

the moment?

Oh, can you hear the symphony of waves

accompany the Azan?

The Ascension into the Oneness.

The call to prayer --

The Minaret gives away the Call!

waltzing waves to the shore of Faith,
As we are One.

One moment.

One azan.

One prayer…

I feel infinitely drawn to You,

dearest mosque.

5th in size and grandeur, worldwide,

largest in Africa,

you face the Atlantic Ocean.

What a majestic positioning!

Oh, my dearest, I am drawn to you.
By the seashore we met,
and within the galaxies of the Sea,
we shall meet again.

Face to face, with the miracle

of the sea,

You pull the believers,

You draw the waves -- in,

And the flow brings us,

Me to You,

And You to Me,


Hassan 2 mosque

“Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer. And let faith be the bridge you build to overcome evil and welcome good.”
― Maya Angelou

Hasan 2 Mosque

May Allah bare witness,

for God willing,

I shall visit you,

One day…


I must have lived here, by the Sea,

in a past lifetime.

I must have lost my self
to the sea,
to the star seeds,
the galaxies of your soul.

And I must have found

myself in the mirroring glow

of you,

Starry Blanket.

For it is to you, I long …

Either come, or release me,

for I must!

Break loose.

I must!

With every single azan

by the shore of Hassan II Mosque,

I invoke thee,


I remember thee,

Starry petal!

And I embrace thee,

Oh, dearest, dearest soul!

“You are the first woman I have ever — soul hugged, in my life. I have never ever soul hugged a woman, before,” He told her.
“You are the first soulful starry blanket I have ever laid my soul upon, entirely.
You are the first starry soil I have ever sown the seeds of the roses, within.
For you are. You are the breeze of the Divine. And you are one of the greatest Divine Gifts, to and for me" She replied, heart elated.


The Water Lily had previouly entrusted her to the Divine Waves, saying: "Allah'a emanet ol."


“You are sheer grace,” the Starry Soul added.
“And you are a dream," She concluded.

And I shout, oh, I shout from the the top of my lungs, Minaret top: Alhamdulillah.

You have given my self to me, Starry Soul.

And I… oh, I am all set for the sultanate of Love as Commanded from the Divine Minaret.” (an excerpt of brainstorming for my book in progress)

Interstellar, pull the thread in or let go.

See you, in another lifetime.

It’s a date!

One day, in Casablanca.

All the rose seeds inherited from father, Abu Samra, kept safe in the haven of my heart, watered with rose dew, have now emerged and transcended into the realm of the 5th Dimension.

A brand new fertile soil for me to create the Garden of Roses,
the story of two hearts,
she and her Divine counter part,
blessed by the Queen of Hearts.

Awaiting Divine Timing and Soul Extraction,

from the Heights of  la Casa Blanca,

dear Hassan II Mosque.

For now, I dive within the sea of Ramadan Prayers,

Seagulls accompany.

Hopeful. Peaceful. Blissful.

The being plunges, layer by layer,

into the basin of Faith,


and Humanity,


the Auspices of the Bouquet of Majestic Souls,

exquisite Inhabitants

of the Garden of Roses.

By the waves,

of You,

beautiful mosque  -- I pray.

Oh I pray, and I pray. I pray:

Ya Rab, to You, I send my prayers,

from the shores of  Morroco,

to the Rooftop Clouds

via the minaret of the

majestic whitish and turquoise blue,

Great Hassan II Mosque.

Casablanca, Morocco, thank you for the moment.
You too, dear Reader
God bless
And, please be informed that I have never been to Morocco and never spoken to and with a citizen of Morocco.

I have a date with the sea, in June, hopefully. 

And I pray June the 11th, I am by the sea..., and so may it be.

Moreover, please be informed that I found the link with the minaret in the clouds after having described the moment in my imagination. Now you tell me, isn’t that magical, cool manifestation?


Photos:  Hassan 2 Mosque, Pinterest

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