A Rose To You, Dearest Istanbuuuuuuuuul


Lak Istanbul, A Rose to You...

Dearest İstanbul,

A Rose to you.

It’s been a while. I know.

And I have wished upon a sparkle of inspiration to address You a few words on true friendship, on brotherhood and sisterhood… on the story of me and You, during Ramadan.


Dearest İstanbul,

I have wanted to relate to a new moment of life, somehow.

I have wanted to write — inspired by a new moment…

Yes, I had made the wish. And the other day I have stumbled into it.

And Dearest İstanbul,

I was literally bleeding. That day, madame Julieta, the narcissistic mum had made sure to overload me the very day she knew I could barely stand on my feet. The narcissistic mum is a complex chapter on its own and it’s not something to be debated in this post. Yet, it is part of this story.

Luckily, I had received energy from the Heavenly Month of Ramadan, and from the Light of the Orthodox Easter.

Hence I gladly prepared the appetisers. A part of them — salty fume fish. Alhamdulillah.

Surprise, surprise! 1

As I removed one tiny fishy fish from its can, I was bewildered to see it marked with a cross.

I love playing with the synchronicities of the Universe.

Surprise, surprise! 1 got followed by Surprise, surprise! 2

We were seated at the table when madame Julieta, my father’s blue-eyed beloved wifey told me:

“Everything is very beautifully prepared. Nevertheless, I would have cut the bread into thiner slices and I would have cut the lemon slices bigger.”

You should know by now, dear reader, that there's always a "I would have..." and a "better version" of anything that I ever do when it comes to Julieta.

Two in one. The love of Abu Samra’s Life and the narcissistic mum.

My reply came out as follows:

“Your remark is far from the present moment. If I were you "I would have" chosen to keep silent.

As for the fish, we, in Istanbul don’t use much lemon when eating fish. We like it as it.

Lemon alters its taste. As such, we don’t use much of it.”

Did you hear that, dear reader?

İstanbul, que paso con migo?

What was that?

İstanbul, my dearest, words cannot express my astonishment.

For you and I both know that my veins don’t bare Turkish blood. At all!

And yet, what is blood when there is below zero connectivity? As if I had never stemmed from her womb…

After all, family is about being there, all the way. Isn’t it so?

Through the ups and downs of life, through the smiles and the fear, during successful times, as well as during the darkest hour of the soul or the bloody dry war of the past decade -- 10 years that is. A lifetime of friendship, Istanbul. A lifetime!

Dearest İstanbul,
Over here I hold you dear.
Your friendship has been.
And mine has and shall be.
Dostum benim.
The miracle of you reverberates as stories of
Kindness, Gentlemanhood and Humanity,
amidst the Corolla of the Rose.
Şehr-i Ramazanda,
Senin hatırına, bir diyalog …


And we are by the Straights of Life, the very place where Mariam had met the Gentleman by the Straits:

“Froggy Frog, I wanted her to see Istanbul.

I wanted to reach out a helping hand. I thought it could act like a tickle of inspiration for her to open her mind, if not her heart.

I hoped she wouldn’t feel the abandon like I had lived it. Yes, I hoped she'd remember the image of a helping hand.

Why not add a ray of light to enable her to get out of the dark pit?”

“Mariam, Mariam, Mariam, in vain, my dearest. In vain!

You can’t change who she is. What she’s made of. You’ll see.”

And as always, Froggy Frog, the Gentleman by the Straights was right about her.

Oftentimes, the golden child of the narcissistic mother turns out to have much enhanced skills in comparison to za mother.

Oh, don’t you worry… about me. The vibrational hollow between us is quite steep. That should save the day.


“Froggy Frog,

I can’t move my brain! I want to, but I can’t!”

“It’s alright! It’s alright! Everything is going to be alright.”


“Froggy Frog!”

“Yes, my crazy, free spirit, hybrid.”

“I don’t want to go alone to the doctors. I have had it with going alone…to the doctors.”

“We go together, Mariam. We go — together.”


“These people keep imagining stuff about me… stuff which are so far, far from who I am.”

“What truly matters is what you know, the truth in your heart. That’s what truly matters."

Froggy Frog, a name in progress. Inspired by giant round emerald eyes, shining through the brilliant Genius of an exquisite mastermind and a heart brimmed with Humanity. 


Si cum sa intelegi ceva ce tu nu esti?

Si cum sa simti iubirea cand tu nu esti?

Sau cum sa percepi sau sa pricepi prietenia

cand tu nu esti prietenie?

Joaca de-a Zeus nu face bine... la inima! Ai?

Mai mult, cum s-o vezi cand pentru tine circumstantele sunt scenarii pentru a extrage ce s-a intamplat, acum, mai mult de un deceniu?

Tu oare inca incerci sa deslusesti ce s-a intamplat..., la tine, in ograda plina de maracini? Se cuvine sa te deblochezi. Se cuvine sa te grabesti.

Pentru tine - zic.

Damaschina nu mai e (100%)! Doar pentru putin timp, mai e, in plan fizic. Cu inima si sufletul e plecata demult (100%). Cu inima si sufletul, plus capsuna atasata lor, nu mai e aici (100%), Damaschina.

Iti las aici un trandafir rosa damascena, pur 100%. Iti recomand sa le zici sa ti-l stoarca in ulei esential de cea mai buna calitate. Foloseste-l zilnic, te rog frumos. Uleiul esential de trandafiri de cea mai buna calitate are vibratia foarte inalta. Sunt convinsa ca iti va fi de folos. Eu zic ca merita sa-l incerci, musai! Zilnic. Trebuie sa te vindeci. 

Pentru ca viata nu se lasa asteptata. Viata se cuvine a fi traita -- ACUM!


How could you recognise them when you don’t love them?

How could you see them when you don’t love... yourself?

Start loving yourself.

Now is the best moment for everything, everything.


Dearest Humans of Istanbul,
ma soul tribe,
If you only knew how jealous some Humans of Bucharest have been of this beautiful bond we have shared… madame Julieta included.


And I tell them. I do:

"You can’t understand love.
You feel it.
You live it.
Feeling is believing, my dearest.
Living is believing."

Sevgili “İstanbul”,

Yolunuz gül yaprakları dolusu olsun,

Yolunuz Sevgi, Nur ve Sağlık dolusu olsun.

Sevgiyle kal…

Ramadan Mubarak!


Until we meet again… a Rose, to you, dearest İstanbul, from the very heart of Damascus, and Bucharest.


Photo: Amazing İstanbul via Pinterest

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