BOOKarest, It’s Such a Lovely Saturday!


BOOKarest, It’s Such a Lovely Saturday!

As I walk into the sunrays of Bookarest,
I stumble into the Book Bazaar with a lovely library,
right opposite to the Kreztluescu Church.


Dogs are barking and there’s many of them.

Ladies, beautifully dressed.

Families, happily smiling.

Book lovers, heartily advancing towards books.

Every other instant, dogs bark even louder as if singing stories to each other.

It’s such a lovely view.

People are lining up to buy books!

You see…. Bucharest has prepared a delicious surprise for her inhabitants:

It’s the Book Bazaar, baby!

And Bucharest is thirsty for books today.

May it BE … like this always.

A vibrant environment.

What were the odds for me to attract a “bazaar” of books at extremely appealing prices on a Saturday morning?

God bless.

Dearest Universe, can I give you a kiss for that? MUAH!

A lady’s bag reads “Art for Air” — I breathe that in, whereas another recyclable tote bag reads: “love for books” — Mon Dieu, a jamais! One more tote bag and I see Mona Lisa smiling at me. I smile back at her.

And I stay, I stay in the moment.

I am enjoying the “forfota” around books. The buzz-fuzz!

As if words and sentences have made their way out of books and are having us enjoy our time and coffees under their spell.

We are all under their enchantment…

From Aladdin to stories on love, peace, and war, and multicultural or intergalactic stories, a wide palette of books rests their covers on tables.

The story invites the reader to approach and discover — more.

There’s so much more to it as soon as we have passed the very covers...

Reading the very first word of the story is all it takes to plunge into the realm.

Syllables are magic and inviting into multidimensional threads of new realities, gates to new horizons and new beginnings, perhaps?

After all, Terra is gently stepping into the 5th Dimension.

And I grin whenever Aladdin pops up my way.

It is my favourite Disney story, alongside Beauty and the Beast.

And I am like Belle today.

Lost in an open space library. And Bucharest is far from being “a provincial life”.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” — Walt Disney

Bucharest feels like the vibrant capital she is.

Singings the song: I used to be known as “Little Paris” — Micul Paris of Eastern Europe.

If you ask me, Bucuresti is a lovely capital today, too.

And I am feeling: Bucharest has come to life, fully.

And I am so blessed to reside at a stone's throw from one of her best areas.

Bikers, too, have found their way to the Book Bazaar today.

And it’s such a lovely feeling!

I’m in my element.

As if Bucharest has revived even better after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The vibration around Festival Square and Victory Avenue has increased, considerably.

It’s impossible not to sense it, fully.

So much magic in the air…

At a given point, I must withdraw into my glass dome, on a bench by the church, to have a better, Panoramic view of the Book Bazaar, in the library coffee bookshop.

There is no bench available alongside the church.

I sit in the heart of the grass and lean my back to a tree and go on writing this post...

“A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, a company, by the way, a counsellor, a multitude of counsellors.” — Charles Baudelaire

Do you believe that we choose the books we buy or is it that books choose us?

A fusion of the two, perhaps?

And yet — I’d vouch, today, these books have chosen me:

The Life of Jesus
His Holiness — John Paul II and The Hidden History of Our Time, Carl Bernstein and Marco Politi
Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians

They all cost as much as a single espresso.

Donal Neale Walsch — What God Said
Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven — A Matthew Book with Suzanne Ward

They cost as much as two double espressos.

 Kösem Sultan — Aslı Eke
That's an interesting attraction!

Kösem Sułtan ruled during the Ottoman Empire. She de facto acted as regent following the death of Sultan Ahmed I ( 1603-1617). And Kösem Sułtan was His Haseki -- a rank of favourite wife in the Ottoman Harem. A thread of the story to be extended, some other time.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onasis — Barbara Leaming
The Arab — Israeli War, 1948, Efraim Karsh
The Crimean War, 1854—1856, John Sweetman

The four of them cost as much as two double espressos, almost.

Thank YOU, Universe!

And yet, is it my being a graduate of the Turkish Department with the University of Bucharest that I, a Damascene in Europe since the age of 9, have attracted a bazaar… and not any bazaar, a Feast of Books and Stories?

I wonder…

What's a Story if not the Bond?

Whatever happened between us, stays between us.

Two stars in one constellation, alone.

The more they interrogate me, the less I give them, of me.

For you and I, part of the Same Family of Stories, are in the knowledge that you already see me for who I am.

You see the Truth of me for you are Love.

"Dumnezeu nu e in cer, nu-i pe pamant; Dumnezeu e in inima noastra."
"God is not in the sky, nor on earth; God is in our hearts." -- Mihai Eminescu

Un-love is blind.

Un-truth is fog.

And I ascend in love and light, everywhere, not just in Casablanca.


Damascus, my dearest, warmest sunny heart, the clock is about to strike eleven.

Soon, before long... in June.

A story must be in the making.


For now, I am in lovely Bucharest, the Capital of the Jewel România — “my” Country of Culture.

România — the beautiful country to have gifted me the finest ladies I have known, grannie — Mamaie Eugenia, amongst the greatest of blessings the Universe has bestowed upon me.

And the One who has passed on to me the Love of Books. Mamaie Eugenia has been the reading and storytelling companion.

We have lived and relived love stories in and of books, together.

For “A room without books is like a body without a soul” said... Cicero.

Till next post, stay loved in and with the book(s) you like… and Be, be in the story of You.

"The book of your being is open. (...)
Let the Divine write a little something inside your heart,"
Mooji advised.

In the meanwhile, I'll be right over here, absorbing the Teachings of the Pleiadians.

Barbara Marciniak

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