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June, June, June…

The 1st of June 2021 …

The synchronicity of numbers is beautiful.

Interesting times, an interesting year, and a much more interesting month for me.

As a matter of fact, the New Year starts in 10 days time as of today, for me.

The Eleventh of June…

One sweet sunny morning, under the Sun of Loving Damascus, Julieta delivered me amidst the Garden of Roses, of Al Jazeera 5. One of the, if not the best “thing” she has done for me… Gracias, Madre!

The 5th Island bears the name of Love and the fragrance of Roses.

The petals of the rose have me connect to other spheres, to the Family of Souls.

Always connected to the womb of Dimashq, the Eternal City of Light and Guidance — I am.

Damascus… guides my steps.
Damascus… loves me and I love Her back. So much.
Magic began back Home, in Damascus.

And make no mistake Damascus is present, everywhere and every day.

For She, Her Light, Her living Library is encoded in my DNA.

That’s why we, Damascenes, pay attention to whom we connect to.

And the new generation of Humans of Damascus is talking to me about DNA codes…  words of wisdom and delicious poetry. At times, words come so warmly that I freeze.

I no longer know that warmth. I have been kept far too long away from it.

It’s much more than physicality. It’s a transfer of archives of light and codes of life.

What is Light if not Information?

And how could this information become embedded if not through affection…


It’s all out there … in the open.

And it's raining love and affection. On me, right here in Bucharest.

And I'm loving it, baby! I'm sooo luuuving it!

I must, I must give away.

And I must, must share and multiply the petals.

This is too beautiful not to be shared...

"You give little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." -- Khalil Gibran

The loving eyes are seeing through.

The valves of my heart may have this lock around them.

And there is a key… A magical key to open every valve.

My soul tribe have it. I like to call them Soul Family.

It suits them much better.

They have all the keys in the Universe.

They are already residing within… They’re my heart!

Every soul has its designated petal.

There’s one room for each one of them.

The Damascene Rose is comfy and has plenty of room and covers for us all.

But then… there is this room, where all my system is connected.

My womanity included.

And to this room… well, I believe the Divine knows who’s the Chosen one for me.

It beats me!

I do my best to BE, connect to what I feel and to the messages I receive.

As always, I have no other choice.
But the 0,00001% possibility I have mentioned through the pen of the Turkish writer Serdar Özkan, right over here.
I’ll go on walking and sooner rather than later I’ll stumble into 1.

For now, my soul family is 1001.

It’s always about going on... walking.

That's how the road opens.

"Paths are made by walking" -- Franz Kafka

And I am walking. And I am enjoying the pool of bubbly fragrant magic...

Words cannot and may not contain how blessed I am for all the displays of affection -- I am being pampered with. A rasfatata indeed. I may be a hybrid at the crossroads... of Life, nevertheless, it's an intersection of falling petals. I tend to belive, 100%, that MAGIC falls straight outta Heaven. And I am enjoying the moment, to the fullest. 

My Soul Family…

I am talking about family members who see me for who I am.

I am soul naked to them, even if miles apart.

Yes. I am talking about family members belonging to different races, or religions and faiths.

At times, even different hemispheres.

Places... or the very Ivory Petaly Castle of România.

I for one believe that the notions of  "Soul Mate", "Twin Flame", and "Karmic Partner" ought to be taught somehow. Spoken of! Maybe recounted in storytelling classes.

Times have changed, so much.

Hopefully, for the better.

The old does not fit into the new. Not anymore.

Or is it that time is coming back, only forward?

Maybe we make our choices based on DNA codes, energy and frequency parameters? Or is it the Heart? It must be... the Heart!

What is DNA if not the very code of life?

"Talk to your DNA.

Our DNA is like a genie in a bottle,

Except they are genes in our body.

Connected to the unified fields of the universe, they react to our thoughts to make our wishes a reality by attracting people, things and experiences which we desire and think about most."

— The Minds Journal

I am hungry for Damascus and people, especially children, are hungry in Damascus... 


The language I have known speaks that June is the month of Sun rays, Miracles and Love.

The gloomy weather outside speaks differently.

And then again, June is Sunny. It must be sunny.

It can’t be gloomy.

How could it ever be gloomy, in your womb, Damascus?

And yet it’s raining cats and dogs. And it’s cold inside. Bucharest is freezing cold, today (2.06.2021).

It is gloomy. I needed a blanket at the coffee shop. I needed to take shelter from the cold outside.
The other day, they told me children are hanging themselves from hunger in Damascus, close to Souq Al Hamidiye.

They tell me, there is famine in Damascus, today.

There is JU3.

Damascus, the City of Love and Water of Roses has drained Her resources, for now!

Oh, God bless you, my dearest Mother Source!

For your resources have kept me hydrated and afloat for 3 decades since the day I stepped out of the shores of You.

And now? Now it’s the bloody foggy dark war out there.

Children are hungry out there.
And so am I, I am so hungry for your Sun, my dearest Damascus.

And I am so hungry for the times encoded in splashes of Al-Nur.

What is Light if not information?

And what is affection if not Love?

Could information get embedded but for affection?

How can we allow for information and education to sink in but through intentional, vibrational rays of affection?

And yet, there is a crowd of butchers of humanity out there who have messed with the Balance.

They’re playing Star Wars.

I'll keep wishing on a star...

It’s raining… drops of melancholy and remembrance, perhaps?

If only we’d awaken. If only we'd do much better to save children from starvation?

And it’s so cold. I have shivered with cold at the coffee shop, today.

It’s June 2021 and it’s a downpour blizzard in Bucharest.

May it rain bread and shelter on Damascus, and all the regions in need.
Yes. May it rain miracles over Damascus, my Mother Source.
And may it rain Good Times on US -- All.
every time,
and — every day…


I have set my hopes on you, June!

I have set my hopes high on you







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