Damascene Rose — 11 Quotes of Khalil Gibran and Words Become


11 Quotes of Gibran Khalil Gibran and Words Become

Gibran Khalil Gibran reads the name…

What’s in a Divine Brush?

Words …?

Or eternity contained in the 1001 strings of poetry?

Is it that poets are endowed with the multidimensional “I am” travelling time and space?

Is it that words are here, this very moment, to fly us to the very Heart of Commencement?

To the very Roots of who we are, perhaps?


c) Self-Portrait, 1911:

“Collection of the Telfair Museum of Art, Gift of Mary Haskell Minus”

GIBRAN KHALIL GIBRAN Or How Words Are Eternal …

Gibran Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese-American poet, writer, painter and philosopher, as alive as ever.

The multidimensional Gibran to fly us through time and space.

The transcendental poet?

I cannot put into words how jealous I am of his genius.

Words become. Words become with Gibran Khalil Gibran.

I’d dive into the pool of his writings, every day…

So many stories, so many writers and so little time.

It’s glorious how we can travel time and space on the enchanting threads poets and writers sew for us readers and storytellers.

Brand new worlds — minds and hearts open their gates for us.


As a reader and a storyteller, I am quite fond of words.

Always, I rest myself in the very heart of the canvas… brush ready to welcome and receive all colours of inspiration and guidance.

The canvas resides at the core of the Ivory Petaly Castle of România.

The pond of balance, tranquil peacefulness, and vibrant, yet soft breezy tempo of his heart.

It feels familiar…

The smooth and tender, duioasa and gingasa breeze feels like Home, the very breeze of Damascus in the ’80s.

The breeze of a Painter of Words, always joining me under the Dome of Glass of the Cryogenic Forever Rose.


And the easiness with which Khalil Gibran, turns the transcendental into an easy-to-touch infinity, easy-to-comprehend genius...

The quintessence of Life splashes from the Divine brush of Gibran.

Quite often, I am bewildered by his genius.

And these days… it’s as if his words are reaching out to me.

In the sense that I have literally stumbled into Gibran’s verses.

The very essence Becomes under Gibran Khalil Gibran’s majestic brush.

And whenever I read his advice on Life, By God, I feel at ease.

Right over here.

As if… my heart will know what calls to make.

If only we had a choice when it comes to the heart?

Or is it, that our story is written in the stars long before we step into the boat which leads us to our beloved?

For She takes the lead, by all means. Sooner rather than later.

There is no other way… but to succumb to the ripples of and around the heart.

And whoever should play with the Balance… well, my dearest, ought to know it is going to burn like hell when one least expects it.

Mark the Universe!
Heed the feeling.
And may you not trespass the boundaries of the Heart.

Don’t spoil the rhythm. Go and flow with the beat.

Why not spread one’s wings and fly on the Heights of Gibran’s genius?

Let us indulge 11 quotes turned into sheer Beauty of lyrics and verses…
Songs of Life:

"I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy.”


“Rest in reason. Move in passion.”


“Don’t worry about tomorrow, But rather contemplate the present day, for every day is enough of its own miracle."


"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans."


One of my favourites:

“Between what is said and not meant and what is meant and not said most of love is lost.”


“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”


“Don’t worry about tomorrow, But rather contemplate the present day, for every day is

“I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church.
For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit.”

“God made truth with many doors to welcome every believer who knocks on them.”


“Many of us spend our whole lives running from feelings with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain. But you have already borne that pain. What you have not done is feel all you, beyond that pain.”


“When I planted my pain in the field of patience it bore fruit of happiness.”


And a few more quotes followed through, for the Genius of Khalil Gibran always calls for an encore, encore...

And I flow, I flow on the threads sewn by his Majestic Mastermind:

“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And they don't, they never were."

And yet, not all loves are that kind of love stories. Perhaps? Or maybe karmic or past life stories keep coming back, over and over... asking to be lived, once again?

Some could be... love moments, 100%, turned into friendships of True Love, Light or Roses of Healing and Charity.

Too much control suffocated the environment ultimately, so necessary for the Rose to grow and blossom.

The Rose needs Space…

The Rose shivers with intolerance towards possession, and never-ending control. And should the Rose not bloom properly, well… my dearest, it could mean she hasn’t been watered, properly.

"Love possesses not nor will it be possessed, for love is sufficient unto love."

And the ultimate verses on LOVE and TOGETHERNESS:

"Love is the only flower that grows and blossoms without the aid of the seasons."




"The chemist who can extract from his heart's elements compassion, respect, longing, patience, regret, surprise, and forgiveness and compound them into one can create that atom which is called LOVE."


“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another but make not a bond of love:

let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.”


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