Choose the Trail You Want to Leave Behind. I Choose Damascene Rose

Paint trail

Choose the Kind of Trail You Want to Leave Behind

... and it is becoming of us to leave beautiful trails behind.

Don’t you think?

How would our world be if we all cleaned our chakras, our auras, much more frequently?

We, Middle Easterns and Arabs, are used to the ritual called praying five times a day, and we go to the Mosque— every Friday.

And we bear the Holy Mosque in our hearts.

That's praying meditation.

We, Europeans, are used to connecting to the power of the Rosary, the realm of angels and archangels and we go to the church — every Sunday.

And we bear the Holy Church in our hearts.

That's praying meditation, too.

All of us, under the Roof of God, irrespective of the manner in which we choose to clean up our aura, be it walking meditation, be it Violet Flame Meditation, writing, swimming, always connected to the Rose of the Skies, we are.

We are all human. Hopefully, we are humane, too.

Hence — we all need it: aura cleaning, wound healing, heart balming, energy freshening. Irrespective of the name you choose to give to the process, each one of us can choose the kind of trail they want to leave behind.

Toxicity, energetic mess, pain?

Or, roses and petals of magical moments?

Try to envisage the image appearing to the eyes of the ones who meet the trail you leave behind:

How would you like it to smell, feel and touch?

How would you like to be remembered?

In moments of unbalance, this is what we remember.

The fragrance, the feel and the sweet embrace of a feeling.

Paint trail

Baba, Say A Little Prayer for Me to Release Me from Lord of Incoherence

Dearest Reader,

This is a post in which I am addressing Lord of Incoherence.

He is Lord because the heights of his abilities attain unimaginable scenarios.

Incoherence, because he spoke dearly and greatly on being coherent and on maintaining balance.

Through his actions, he has chosen this name all by himself. He has been the living symbol of everything and anything coherence is not.

Let’s us hail the Lord of Incoherence!


The other day, father called me into his chambers to tell me that he had heard of a job offer on the radio and that I could apply.

God is my witness, for this second time, I had to tell father:

“Baba, it’s not that I don’t want to work or apply or liaise into new projects.

I have been hindered continuously and insistently.

Father, I lived alone in the second house, by my ex-office.

I had told him many times "let us meet and talk".

Nothing! Nothing happened.

So if you want to help, pray! Baba, would you say a little prayer for me?

A thought of kindness on your behalf shall annihilate this siege of unbalance, baba.

All of it!”

This is why God has had me come back to you, to your place, in the first place.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Don’t assume you know. Ask!

Shalalalala -- ask the girl:

"What’s your intention? What course of life would you like to follow for your heart…?"

See if she (still) likes you.

What if although you are Richy Rich she might not feel anything after more than 5 years?!?!? Pe bune?

She has grown into someone else.

Nobody awaits the shadow of nobody, for years on end.

Write a new story. In accordance with the energy of now and whatever it conveys.

Don’t command.

“Wear this and that.”

Shalalalala -- make the girl feel her womanity.

Don’t command her into her womanity.

She knows what she has to do. Especially if she has got the genes…

A lady feels when it’s time to wear silk, lace and velvet.

But for Her to unleash the chambers of her Self, the Arab Knight steps in saying:

“Bidna nikhtob.”

You see, dearest reader, in the Arab world the guy steps in for an engagement so that they get to know each other. If they are ok with the relation, they move onto the next stage: getting married.

If not, they break up the engagement. Thus the Lady has her back covered. It’s this simple. She can't do it any other way. This is how the Arab system works.

"Was engaged. Didn't work out."

And — in "Arabia", a man cannot play this game of "I want you, I want you not". The Lady has family, brothers or uncles: "Habibi, what's gonna be?"

And everywhere in the world this yoyo situation, when you want someone, then you want them not, is the mood killer. The feeling drier.

 Dintr-o sursa inepuizabila de iubire a facut o albie goala. 
He has turned an unquenched source of love into an empty river bed.  -- Alexandru

"How did she get caught in the loop?" one could ask themselves. Well... she was in a state of sheer unbalance and she has had a narcissistic mum. And that, my dearest, is the loop of havoc and of the "I love you, I love you not".

And the Lord of Incoherence … did tell her this upon descending from the realm of the story he had written. He had spoken of an engagement, back then, more than 5 years ago. That’s why they had met, one more time. And then he vanished. And came back, later. Hence she asked him: “Why are you calling me?” “Why am I what…”, and he swallowed his words incapable to answer for years.

Instead, he got stuck. And he messed up with her business, a business she had worked hard for, with bullets in her heart and a frozen brain.

Followingly, she had made the great call to shut down her company, to stop his interference. Hence he interfered with all the system of communication with the outside world so that she could move on, no more.

If this is not Love and Blissfulness, I don’t know what Love is….
Paint trail
“She didn’t meet him in a Library,” the Woman told her.
“Neither did he meet her on the streets. She has walked her way right from the Citadel of Love, Jasmine and Roses. Report to him: find yourself a copy, in the Dorobanti area.
She bears codes of Light of hundreds and hundreds of years. That's why he keeps clinging, and clinging, and clinging.”

Light means information. Information is valuable. Information gets embedded through affection. And affection speaks love.

Genes speak louder than money... perhaps?
As such, Lord of Incoherence stay safe and healthy in the knowledge that all of your behaviour hasn't been Halal.
What would be Halal?

Perhaps a gentleman would…

a 1-year “donation” for the damage you have caused, the number of petals of it to be established by you.

After all, it is you to have deprived her of her very source of earning money.

Perhaps a gentleman should…

remove all blocks on her e-mail and social media accounts so that she can communicate with the outside world.

Whatever he has given away, he has taken back 1001 times.

And perhaps a gentleman ought to …

open a fenêtre or two for some fresh air to come in.

She could be your healer. But for this, you ought to Allow, Accept, and Guide her.

Moreover, a system ought to be established as mutually agreed upon.

She could go on writing personalised stories.

I have already helped you by having triggered your healing, in the first place. And I am glad about this. Nevertheless, all that blocked energy has been popping out. The only problem? The puss of it has splashed onto my life. And that's not HALAL, man.

That's not HALAL.

Perhaps you would care to change the breeze of destruction you keep co-creating.

The plan I am suggesting would be a drop of alchemy in your life.

What you’ve done so far, is done and done. You might care for a change, perhaps?

My energy has been unlocking many of the blockages you have had. Yes. My Energy. I could be your dedicated Healer.

Saying it in earnest and bona fide… I am invoking the universe to have the pieces of this tiresome and disturbing puzzle fall into their assigned place. Odata!

Imi "e tare jena" ca a trebuit sa fac aceasta postare, insa nu mi-ai dat de ales. Te-ai autodepasit. Eu nu pot sta in puterea imaginatiei tale despre "celalalt"..."altii"... "ce s-a intamplat"... si in "ce alte fantasme" mai locuiesti.

Nu este Halal comportamentul tau.

Sa te speli cu asa o karma pe cap!

Si eu ce le zic alor mei? Nu dau din casa... asa? Si totusi, ce le spun, ce le raspund? Sau chiar nu intelegi ca avem situatii delicate?

Most probably a gentleman knows better than I could ever ... imagine.


All in all, I trust the Divine and the algorithm of the Universe…

That’s where I derive my strength and my inspiration from.

And make no mistake, one way or the other I am seeing to my life.

Let us choose a colour for the trail of magic we want to leave behind... I'll go for fuchsia and red?
What about you?

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